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Cross-posting for my colleagues at AUT

The Centre for Journalism, Media and Democracy (JMAD) invites papers for a two-day conference

Political Economy of Communication and Journalism

Dates: Thursday, Friday 10–11 September, 2020
Auckland University of Technology
Keynotes: Professor Victor Pickard; Dr Fiona Martin; Professor Yuezhi Zhao; Professor Steen Steensen
Organisers: Wayne Hope wayne.hope at aut.ac.nz / Merja Myllylahti merja.myllylahti at aut.ac.nz<mailto:merja.myllylahti at aut.ac.nz>

There is a deepening symbiosis between capitalism and communication.  During the 1990s and early 2000s, convergences across mass media, telecommunications and computer technologies opened up new sectors of production and profit realisation. Subsequently, new corporations centred around the internet, social media and digital platforms have taken shape (e.g., Facebook, Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Alibaba, and Apple).
For scholars, policy makers, journalists and activists, such developments have generated concerns about regulation, cultural expression, ideological obfuscation, monitoring/privacy and communication rights. Under these circumstances the principles and practices of journalism need to be re-analysed across different settings.
With these thoughts in mind, researchers are invited to submit papers under the following themes and subthemes:
Capitalism, communication and ideology
•             Neoliberalism
•             Network society
•             Surveillance capitalism
•             Platform capitalism
•             Finance and communication
•             Corporations and PR

Convergence and cross media ownership
•             Media–entertainment corporations
•             Financialization and media ownership
•             Telecommunications
•             ICT and social media corporations

Political economy of journalism
•             Infotainment and broadcast news
•             Financial crisis and media companies
•             Paywalls
•             Journalism and social media
•             Fake news

Political economy of alternative media
•             Māori and Pasifika media
•             Media and diasporas
•             Social networks and political activism
•             Alt-right online
•             Feminism online

Capitalism and the culture industries
•             Film
•             Music
•             Sport
•             Gaming
•             Celebrity culture
•             Critical theory and commodification

Communications policy and regulation
•             Broadcasting policy
•             Convergence and regulation
•             Social media regulation
•             Copyright and intellectual property

Abstracts due: June 26, 2020 / Registration: Details to come

Dr Nicholas Holm<http://www.massey.ac.nz/massey/expertise/profile.cfm?stref=990001> |Senior Lecturer in Media Studies
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Recent Publications
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