[csaa-forum] Lecture: The Devil and Neoliberalism, Adam Kotsko Wed 6.30pm at uniMelb

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Wed Aug 3 07:49:24 ACST 2016

*Lecture: The Devil and Neoliberalism*

The MSCP is proud to present a lecture by *Adam Kotsko*, Assistant
Professor of Humanities at Shimer College in Chicago and the author of *Zizek
and Theology*, *Politics of Redemption*, *Why We Love Sociopaths: A Guide
to Late Capitalist Television *and the forthcoming *The Prince of This
World: The Life and Legacy of the Devil**. *He is also the translator of
several works of Giorgio Agamben, most recently *The Use of Bodies. *

*Date/Time**:* Wednesday August 3, 6:30 - 8.30 pm

*Venue*:  Multipurpose Room, 1888 Building, University of Melbourne.

*No Registration Required.*

Adam will be speaking on:

*The Devil and Neoliberalism*

The devil is one of the most enduring Christian theological symbols, a
figure that has taken on a life of its own in the culture of secular
modernity. In this talk, Adam Kotsko traces the origin of the devil back to
his theological roots in the problem of evil. One of the greatest
challenges to traditional monotheism has always been the existence of
suffering and injustice – if God is all-good and all-powerful, why does he
allow it? The devil emerged as a convenient scapegoat, a fallen angel who
was created good by God and yet freely chose to rebel. This placed the devil
at the root of a theological system that used the idea of free will as a
way of deflecting blame away from God and toward his wayward creatures.
Drawing on the work of Giorgio Agamben, Wendy Brown, and David Harvey,
among others, Kotsko will argue that the neoliberal order implies the same
logic – deploying notions of free choice as a way of blaming individuals
for systemic failures.

MSCP Convenor,
Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy.

MSCP Convenor,
Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy.
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