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 Don't believe the hype: 3D printing in law and society
*Date:* 4 August
*Time:* 12pm — 1pm
*Venue: * AGSE211 Hawthorn Campus
Additive manufacturing or '3D printing' has emerged into the mainstream in
the last few years, with much hype about its revolutionary potential as the
latest 'disruptive technology' after the internet to destroy existing
business models, empower individuals and evade any kind of government

This lecture will examine some of these themes from a socio-legal
perspective, looking at how various areas of law interact with 3D printing
theoretically and in practice—including intellectual property, product
liability, gun laws, data privacy and fundamental/constitutional rights—and
compare this interaction to the internet scenario.

Despite rhetoric proclaiming 3D printing will usher in the end of
government control and the end of corporate-enforced scarcity, 3D printing,
especially consumer-oriented printers, may not be as disruptive to law and
society as commonly believed. This is because other government and
corporate actors, and not just empowered 'prosumers', have been
investigating the potential of 3D printing for their own purposes, which
may in the end just reinforce existing hierarchies and distributions of

All welcome.
About the speaker

*Dr Angela Daly* is Vice-Chancellor's Research Fellow at Queensland
University of Technology and research associate at the Tilburg Institute
for Law, Technology and Society. She is a socio-legal scholar of technology
with expertise in intellectual property, human rights (privacy and free
expression) and competition and regulation. Angela is the author of
Aspects of the 3D Printing Revolution* (Palgrave 2016), based on her
postdoctoral research at the Swinburne Institute for Social Research
(SISR), and *Private Power, Online Information Flows and EU Law* (Hart
2016), based on her doctoral research at the European University Institute.
Angela has degrees from Oxford University, Universite de Paris 1
Pantheon-Sorbonne and EUI, and has previously worked for Ofcom and the
Electronic Frontier Foundation. She is also an adjunct research fellow in
SISR's Digital Society flagship.
About SISR Seminar Series

The Swinburne Institute seminar series encourages interdisciplinary
dialogue on contemporary social policy issues and related themes, featuring
Swinburne staff and postgraduate students, as well as external guest
speakers. Researchers at the Swinburne Institute work across a range of
disciplines, including urban planning, economics, statistics, sociology,
history, media studies and political science.

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