[csaa-forum] Ethnographic engagements with pedagogy and the re-creation and re-discovery of knowledge

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Call for Papers: AAA Annual Meeting 2016, November 16-20th, Minneapolis

Panel organizers: Fina Carpena-Méndez (Oregon State University)

                               Aleksandra Wierucka (University of Gdansk)

Title: Ethnographic engagements with pedagogy and the re-creation and re-discovery of knowledge

Vernacular forms of knowledge are maintained and renewed through culturally-specific pedagogies guided by social institutions. The various forms that teaching and learning take in particular localities, as well as the absence of active teaching in some socio-cultural contexts, reproduce and actualize a practical-cognitive logic of knowledge production. This panel brings into dialogue anthropological approaches to knowledge-making and learning processes that extend beyond formal education with ethnographic concerns with the rapid disappearance and displacement of indigenous or local knowledge in a globalizing world.

Recent theoretical developments on the shared production of knowledge-making stemming from the indissoluble relationship between environment, body, and thought have contributed to understanding knowledge as a dynamic process rather than as a static cognitive, symbolic and ideological corpus. Learning processes, far from being processes of cultural transmission, require an act of re-creation on the part of the learner. This panel examines the intergenerational recreation of knowledge and cultural memory under contemporary conditions of spatial and temporal displacement, transculturality, and articulation with other globally circulating forms of knowledge production and practices through ethnographic engagements with pedagogy in diverse social contexts. These are not limited to early socialization but include linguistic and embodied practice, ritual, and the recreation of morality, values and beliefs.  This panel aims to explore ethnographic approaches to the re-creation and re-discovering of local knowledge, finding evidence for the transformations in pedagogy and learning processes across cultural-historical contexts affected by rapid globalization, migration and hypermobility, ethnic flexibility and transculturality.

Please send abstracts to Fina Carpena-Méndez (finacarpena at gmail.com) and Aleksandra Wierucka (aleksandra.wierucka at wp.pl) by April 1st, 2016.

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