[csaa-forum] Event at UOW: Free Speech and Religious Freedom after Charlie Hebdo and Section 18C

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 Roundtable: Free Speech and Religious Freedom after Charlie Hebdo and Section 18C
>From the Fatwah placed on Salman Rushdie to the Danish political cartoons event of 2005 to the fallout from last year’s Charlie Hebdo attacks. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion often come into conflict with one another in the post-911 world. In Australia, in Britain and in Europe, positions derived from cultural difference—Indigenous and diasporic—have repeatedly found themselves under attack by arguments claiming to derive from the liberal ideology of free speech. Liberal political theory appears to be increasingly ill prepared to deal with the incommensurability between the right to free speech and such rights to religious freedom or cultural self-determination that can act as a check on it. Our speakers bring a range of expertise on the topic from legal scholarship to political theory to discourse analysis. The conversation promises to open up new ways to defend cultural difference from the right while maintaining the possibility of freedom beyond the terms of liberalism.
THURSDAY 7 APRIL 2016 - 2.30PM TO 4.30PM LHA RESEARCH HUB (19.2072)
Sponsored by the Centre for Texts, Cultures and Creative Industries (CTC) and the Forum on Human Rights Research (HRR). To be followed by: LIRC Public Lecture delivered by Professor Anshuman Mondal 'Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Expression in contemporary multiculture' Thursday 7 April, 5.30pm, LHA Research Hub (19.2072), University of Wollongong

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Biopolitics and Memory in Postcolonial Literature and Culture (Ashgate 2016). Editor.

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