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Dear all,

[apologies for cross posting]

For many years, the back catalogue of *Perfect Beat: The Asia-Pacific
Journal of Research into Contemporary Music and Popular Culture* was only
available in print form. We are pleased to announce that most of the old
issues -- starting with the first publication in July 1992 -- are now
digitised and can be accessed via the journal's website.

Go to https://www.equinoxpub.com/journals/index.php/PB/issue/archive  to
search the archives. Further issues will be added. My thanks to the former
editors, Mark Evans and Denis Crowdy, for making this happen! (Full article
access requires a subscription to EBSCO, ProQuest or another database; book
reviews are free to view).

You will find a wealth of articles about contemporary/popular music in the
Asia-Pacific region, for example:

Bruce Johnson "AUSTRALIAN JAZZ IN POST-WAR EUROPE: A case study in musical
displacement" Vol 2, No 3 (1995)
Deirdre Marshall-Dean "CROSS-CULTURAL CONNECTIONS An Overview of Musical
Change on the Yap islands of Micronesia" Vol 2, No 4 (1996)
Geoff Stahl "CITING THE SOUND: New Zealand lndie Rock in North America" Vol
3, No 2 (1997)
Toru Mitsui "DOMESTIC EXOTICISM: A recent trend in Japanese popular music" Vol
3, No 4 (1998)
Yoko Kurokawa "HULA HALAU IN TOKYO: A Case Study of Hula Schools"  Vol 4,
No 4 (2000)
Nabeel Zuberi "SOUNDS LIKE US: Popular Music and Cultural Nationalism in
Aotearoa/New Zealand" Vol 8, No 3 (2007)

best wishes

*Dr Shelley Brunt*
Senior Lecturer in Music and Media | RMIT University
Incoming Editor 2015 |  *Perfect Beat *
'Emergent Media Practices' Node Leader | Digital Ethnography Research
Centre <http://www.digital-ethnography.net/>

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