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’15-M & Digital Politics – 4 Years On’

Francisco Jurado Gilabert (Barcelona)

Monday 19 Oct 2015

Organized by Sydney Democracy Network, Dept of Media & Communications & School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Sydney

Venue: Room S226, Level 2 John Woolley Building (A20), Dept of Media and Communications, The University Of Sydney, Manning Road, Camperdown

Details at: http://sydneydemocracynetwork.org/events/15m-and-digital-politics-four-years-on/


In Spain, close to 400 new parties have emerged since 15-M. Many have been created on the basis of interactions facilitated through technology. Some started out as a Facebook initiative, a Reddit platform or alliances generated by activists involved in the occupation of the towns and squares in 2011 – and combinations of the above.

The new political parties indicate this connective logic<https://theconversation.com/connective-action-the-publics-answer-to-democratic-dysfunction-33089>. They do not articulate any particular ideology that would be familiar to an observer of 20th-century politics. The activists behind them see themselves as deploying political tools to generate the momentum necessary to reboot the system in favour of a connective logic rather than to capture power in the manner of the traditional parties.

Join Francisco Jurado Gilabert for an in-depth discussion of the development of digital politics in Spain from 15 May 2011.

About the speaker:

Francisco Jurado Gilabert is a columnist for Eldiario, and a lawyer and researcher at the Institute of Government and Public Policy (IGOP) of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. He is specialised in the fields of technopolitics, legislative processes and representation.  He is an activist vitally involved in the movements that have characterised the Spanish body politic since 15 May 2011: Democracia Real Ya, #OpEuribor and Democracia 4.0. He is author of the book “Nueva Gramática Política” “New Political Grammar” (Icaria, 2014) and a member of the parliamentary group of Podemos in Andalucía.

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