[csaa-forum] COLONIAL ATTRITIONS: State Violence and Social Forgetting Symposium

Holly Randell-Moon holly.randell-moon at otago.ac.nz
Wed Jul 29 08:15:57 ACST 2015

Dear CSAA-ers,

Should you find yourselves in New Zealand next week, please come along to the Colonial Attritions symposium held next Wednesday in the Central Library at the University of Otago.
Below and attached are the schedule and abstracts for the event.
All attendees welcome; registration is $5 for students/ unwaged, $10 for academics, payable by cash on the day.


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COLONIAL ATTRITIONS: State Violence and Social Forgetting

5 August 2015

CEN 3, Information Services Building University of Otago

Professor Richard Hill (Victoria University of Wellington) 11.30am

Police Surveillance and State Coercion

Annabel Cooper (University of Otago) 12.00noon

Colonial Conflict and the Unevenness of Memory in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Suzanne Menzies-Culling & Maria Laufiso (Tauiwi Solutions)  12.30noon

Decolonisation: The Empire Strikes Back – Thinking the Unthinkable and Moving On Anyway

Lunch Break

Ryan Tippet (University of Otago) 2.00pm

Corporate Geocorpographies: Surveillance and Social Media Expansion

Sean H. Wang (Syracuse University)  2.30pm

Fetal Citizens? Birthright Citizenship, Reproductive Futurism, and the Panic over Chinese Birth Tourism in Southern California


Dr Raymond Nairn & Dr Tim McCreanor (Massey University)  3.10pm

A Window on the Naturalised Ordinariness that Occludes New Zealand’s Imperial History

Dr Hadas Ore (University of Auckland)  3.40pm

What Lies Beyond Nostalgic Colonial Imagination? A comparison between the Food Media and the Experiences of Migrant Women

Dr Holly Randell-Moon (University of Otago)  4.10pm

Body, Crown, Territory: Geocorpographies of the British Monarchy and White Settler Sovereignty

Professor Sherene Razack (University of Toronto)

Archway 2 Lecture Theatre, 5pm
Marking the Body as Placeless: Memorializing Colonial Power

Dr. Holly Randell-Moon
Department of Media, Film and Communication
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Dunedin 9016
New Zealand

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