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Contemporary Drug Problems cdp at curtin.edu.au
Tue Jul 28 10:55:05 ACST 2015

[Contempory Drug Problems]


2015 Conference:
Encountering alcohol and other drugs


Keynote Speakers

Dr Emmanuel Kuntsche: 'Understanding the weekend drinking of young adults from an "events" perspective: The possibilities and limitations of using personal cell phones'

Dr Eugene Raikhel: 'Coding conduct: Hypnosis and the affective economy of Russian addiction medicine'

Professor Alison Ritter: 'The dynamics of drug policy: Relational, emergent and contingent'

This conference will bring together leading international researchers in drug use and addiction studies from a range of research disciplines and methods - both qualitative and quantitative.

Event Details

Encountering alcohol and other drugs

Date: 16 -18 September, 2015

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

now open!
Register by
following this link<https://payments.curtin.edu.au/OneStopWeb/OtherTransactions/createbooking?UDS_ACTION=S1I&UDS_ACTION_DATA=008ED1D8-8830-4662-9F6C-0AECD8023A9E>.

Further information
Please follow the link<http://ndri.curtin.edu.au/events/cdp2015/> for more details on the conference theme and venue.

With thanks and apologies for cross-postings.
Suzanne Fraser

On behalf of the conference organising committee
Contemporary Drug Problems

Contact us via email: cdp at curtin.edu.au<mailto:cdp at curtin.edu.au>
or click here<http://ndri.curtin.edu.au/events/cdp2015/> for more information

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