[csaa-forum] Call for EoIs: Future Fellowships in Cultural & Social Research

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        [Call for Expressions of Interest:  Future Fellowship applications in Cultural and Social Research    Institute for Culture and Society  The Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) within the University of Western Sydney (UWS) was launched in 2012. ICS is a major national and international centre for the pursuit of engaged interdisciplinary cultural and social research. Rated 5 ("well above world standard") for Cultural Studies in the 2010 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) rankings, the Institute coordinates interdisciplinary cultural research across the humanities and social sciences and connects Australian cultural and social research to relevant research overseas, particularly in Asia.    With this last confirmed funding round of Australian Research Council Future Fellowships (see the website: http://www.arc.gov.au/ncgp/futurefel/future_default.htm) and a University commitment of significant new funding, ICS is investing in leading cultural and social researchers from Australia and overseas by supporting innovative and outstanding Future Fellowship proposals. Mid-career researchers 5-15 years post-PhD are eligible to apply.    ICS Research Program  ICS's research program is currently organised into the following research groups:    KNOWLEDGE PRACTICE STRANDS BRIDGING THEME CULTURE AND SOCIETY RESEARCH THEMES  1. Methods, Disciplines and Social Change  2. Digital Research and Cultural Transformation Australian Cultural Fields 1. Cultural Diversity and Transnational Practices  2. Institutions, Governance, Citizenship  3. Cultural Economy and Globalisation  4. Heritage, Environment and Society  5. Cities and Urban Cultures      ICS Research and Researchers  ICS researchers approach culture as a vital dimension of social, political, and economic life. Their practice-oriented, interdisciplinary research produces cutting-edge work in and across the fields of cultural studies, media studies, sociology, cultural and human geography, cultural economy, Asian studies, education studies, and museum and heritage studies. The Institute hosts UWS's role in the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre.      Academic staff in the Institute include:  Distinguished Professor Ien Ang (Director)  Professor Brett Neilson (Research Director)  Professor Kay Anderson  Professor James Arvanitakis  Professor Tony Bennett  Professor Katherine Gibson  Professor Dick Hobbs  Professor Bob Hodge  Professor Donald McNeill  Professor Greg Noble (Director of Higher Degree Research)  Professor Ned Rossiter  Professor David Rowe  Professor Deborah Stevenson  Professor Stephen Tomsen  A/Professor Robyn Bushell  A/Professor Hart Cohen  A/Professor Judith Snodgrass  A/Professor Jerry Watkins  A/Professor Tim Winter  Dr Brett Bennett  Dr Fiona Cameron  Dr Philippa Collin  Dr Louise Crabtree  Dr John Giblin  Dr Alana Lentin  Dr George Morgan  Dr Emma Power  Dr Shanthi Robertson  Dr Juan Salazar  Dr Russell Staiff  Dr Elizabeth Strakosch  Dr Amanda Third  Dr Julie Thorpe  Dr Sonja Van Wichelen  Dr Emma Waterton  Dr Megan Watkins  Dr Jessica Whyte    Expressions of Interest  ICS will offer expert assistance to Future Fellowship applications where these fit closely with one or more aspects of our research program. Please consult the Institute's website (http://uws.edu.au/ics) for further details of the Institute's research program.    Please note that applicants seeking the endorsement of ICS need to complete an Expression of Interest form and submit a CV. Please return these documents to icsro at uws.edu.au by 5pm Australian Eastern Seaboard time on Thursday 29 August 2013.    Prospective applicants are also advised to speak with UWS Senior Project Development Manager, Annette McLaren (a.mclaren at uws.edu.au), before completing the Expression of Interest form, for guidance regarding the fit between their proposed project and the Institute's research, and the levels of research performance that applicants will need to demonstrate.] <http://www.arc.gov.au/ncgp/futurefel/future_default.htm>

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