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Symposium Invitation
Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies

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Locating Television: Zones of Consumption
5 - 6 September 2013
Social Sciences and Humanities Library Conference Room, Level 1, Duhig Building (No. 2)
REGISTER HERE<https://www.uq.edu.au/secure/events/cccs/form/autoprivacy.html?form_id=1&event_id=1>
Registrations close 23 August



This symposium will discuss ideas and concepts raised in the book Locating Television: Zones of Consumption<http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415509794/> (2013) by Anna Cristina Pertierra and Graeme Turner. The symposium will extend the scope and diversity of the locations examined in the book, as well as critically evaluate, debate, and complicate its underpinning arguments.

In accord with Locating Television's emphasis on the located-ness of television studies, speakers include those whose work addresses a wide range of locations: Asia, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, the United States and Australia. Speakers will engage with the ideas and concepts presented in Locating Television - each from their own perspective and location.
Read more<http://cccs.uq.edu.au/locating-television>


Mark Andrejevic<http://cccs.uq.edu.au/andrejevic>, The University of Queensland
Jostein Gripsrud<http://www.uib.no/persons/Jostein.Gripsrud>, University of Bergen, Norway
Sukhmani Khorana<http://www.uow.edu.au/arts/ssmac/staff/UOW141109.html>, University of Wollongong
Marwan Kraidy<http://www.asc.upenn.edu/faculty/Faculty-Bio.aspx?id=165>, University of Pennsylvania
Tania Lewis<http://www.rmit.edu.au/staff/tania-lewis>, RMIT University
Jonathan Corpus Ong<http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/media/people/jonathan-ong-profile>, University of Leicester
Tom O'Regan<http://www.emsah.uq.edu.au/professor-tom-o-regan>, The University of Queensland
Anna Cristina Pertierra<http://cccs.uq.edu.au/pertierra>, The University of Queensland
Jack Qiu<http://ihome.cuhk.edu.hk/%7Eb200167/Homepage_for_Dr._Jack_Linchuan_Qiu/Welcome.html>, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Yeidy Rivero<http://www.lsa.umich.edu/sac/people/ci.riveroyeidy_ci.detail>, University of Michigan
John Sinclair<http://history.unimelb.edu.au/about/staff/fellows/sinclair.html>, The University of Melbourne
Joseph Straubhaar<http://rtf.utexas.edu/faculty/joe-straubhaar>, The University of Texas at Austin
Wanning Sun<http://cfsites1.uts.edu.au/fass/staff/listing/details.cfm?StaffId=7172>, University of Technology Sydney
Jinna Tay<http://profiles.arts.monash.edu.au/jinna-tay/>, Monash University
Graeme Turner<http://cccs.uq.edu.au/turner>, The University of Queensland
Zala Volcic<http://cccs.uq.edu.au/volcic>, The University of Queensland


Cick here<http://cccs.uq.edu.au/locating-television-program> for full program, abstracts and presenter details


Registration is required (Waged: $100 / Students: $50)
Register here<https://www.uq.edu.au/secure/events/cccs/form/autoprivacy.html?form_id=1&event_id=1> by 23 August

CCCS Public Events

The Centre promotes the dynamic research culture of the Faculty of Arts, as well as foregrounding the work local, national and international scholars by staging public lectures, seminars and symposia throughout the year.

Upcoming Events

Professor Mike Michael: 'Engaging the Public: Science, Technology and the Politics of Participation'<http://cccs.uq.edu.au/michael-lecture>
Thursday 22 August, 5:30 - 6:30pm, UQ Art Museum

Symposium Forum - Locating Television: Where does television fit in the digital era?<http://cccs.uq.edu.au/locating-television-forum>
Thursday 5 September, 5:30 - 6:30pm, UQ Art Museum

Dr Angi Buettner: 'Climate Change and Popular Culture'<http://cccs.uq.edu.au/buettner-seminar> Tuesday 10 September, 2:30 - 3:30pm, SS&H Library Conference Room

Australian Academy of the Humanities Annual Symposium: The Question of Nature<http://cccs.uq.edu.au/aah-symposium>
14 - 15 November

More events ><http://cccs.uq.edu.au/events>

Further Information

RSVP / Enquiries
Rebecca Ralph,
Events Co-ordinator
P: (07) 3346 7407
E: r.ralph at uq.edu.au<mailto:r.ralph at uq.edu.au>

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