[csaa-forum] Research Seminar at UNSW, Tuesday 21 May

Collin Chua c.chua at unsw.edu.au
Mon May 20 10:53:27 CST 2013


SAM Seminar 2013
'Material, Space, Performance'

Critical space-making strategies for performative environments are often aligned with the manipulation, over- and misuse of specific materials and physical elements – these strategies strongly contribute to a relentless production of performative space as an arena for action and interaction between participant and environment.

Drawing from case studies within and beyond the black box of the of the theatre and from the perspectives of scenography and stage direction, I will demonstrate how through a departure or ‘transgression’ from conventionalized practices of the performance of materials, and the embracing of what Chantal Mouffe has instead called the ‘agonistic’ model of public space, spatial politics may be both embodied and exposed.

Thea Brejzek is a Professor in the Interior and Spatial Design Program at the University of Technology, Sydney, and teaches at the Institute for Theatre, Film and Media Studies at the University of Vienna. She was the Founding Curator for Theory at the 2011 Prague Quadrennial for Performance Design and Space, Prague. In 2013, she is a Visiting Professor at UCL London, Bartlett School of Architecture.

Tuesday, 21st May, 4.30-6pm
Robert Webster Building, Room 327

The School’s Research Seminars provide a showcase for local as well as international scholars, researchers, industry practitioners and creative artists to present their work. All are welcome to attend. Contact Collin Chua (C.Chua at unsw.edu.au<mailto:C.Chua at unsw.edu.au>) with any inquiries.


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