[csaa-forum] In praise of editing & HERDC/ERA criteria

Gerard Goggin gerard.goggin at sydney.edu.au
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Hi Mark, Anna, Jon, and others

As a former/reformed journal editor, I can¹t resist adding Œhear, hear¹ to
the points you¹ve made.

Hard to see what the answers are ­ or rather pat formula ‹ to provide to
institutions (though it is recognized to some extent in some workload

The paradox is plain: editorial work, reviewing, curating, and translation
that journals and collections involve is critical to how research is defined
and evaluated; but it remains remarkably invisible to reward systems (even
if it garners esteem).

Still lots of fun, though ‹ as well as intellectually and culturally


Gerard Goggin

On 3/03/11 1:41 PM, "Mark Gibson" <mark.gibson at monash.edu> wrote:

> Thanks again Anna. One section particularly caught my eye:
> ³Some CELJ editors report that it is increasingly difficult to locate
> appropriate readers for peer review, in some measure because our academic
> culture does not reward scholars for so doing. Junior scholars report that
> their administrative heads advise them not to undertake peer reviews or even
> book reviews except for the most prestigious journals. Such work is considered
> 'mere service' and (often like journal editing) erased as a significant part
> of one's professional research or teaching.²
> So it¹s not just HERDC and ERA. It¹s emerging as an issue in North America
> too.
> Mark
> On 3/03/11 1:08 PM, "Anna Poletti (Arts)" <anna.poletti at monash.edu> wrote:
>> Just as a follow up to yesterday's discussion, here is comment from then
>> president of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals on journal rankings
>> made in 2009
>> http://www.celj.org/fragmentation
>> Best wishes
>> Anna
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