[csaa-forum] HERDC/ERA criteria

Mark Gibson mark.gibson at monash.edu
Thu Mar 3 12:11:37 CST 2011

Thanks again Anna. One section particularly caught my eye:

³Some CELJ editors report that it is increasingly difficult to locate
appropriate readers for peer review, in some measure because our academic
culture does not reward scholars for so doing. Junior scholars report that
their administrative heads advise them not to undertake peer reviews or even
book reviews except for the most prestigious journals. Such work is
considered 'mere service' and (often like journal editing) erased as a
significant part of one's professional research or teaching.²

So it¹s not just HERDC and ERA. It¹s emerging as an issue in North America


On 3/03/11 1:08 PM, "Anna Poletti (Arts)" <anna.poletti at monash.edu> wrote:

> Just as a follow up to yesterday's discussion, here is comment from then
> president of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals on journal rankings
> made in 2009
> http://www.celj.org/fragmentation
> Best wishes
> Anna

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