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Reena Dobson R.Dobson at uws.edu.au
Tue Feb 15 13:01:44 CST 2011

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A good deal of economic, social, cultural and political analysis in the antipodes has drawn on and engaged critically with the work of Pierre Bourdieu in order to adapt it to the particularities of Australian and New Zealand histories and conditions. There have been significant applications of Bourdieu’s field theory to the organisation of antipodean literary, musical, sports and media fields. The research that informed Distinction has been replicated in a national study of the relations
between the practices of cultural consumption and cultural capital in contemporary Australia. Bourdieu’s general categories have been revised and extended to address the cultural capital holdings of different ethnic groups in relation to the
governmental spaces of Australia and New  Zealand, and to a range of multicultural practices and programs in the two countries. Bourdieu’s work on the logic of art fields has informed analyses of the place of Aboriginal and Maori art within the Australian and New Zealand art fields. Significant contributions have also been made to the operations of cultural capi­tal in the relations between schools, universities and the occupational class structures of the two countries.

To date, however, no attempt has been made to draw these different strands of inquiry together to identify the specific qualities of antipodean economic, social, cultural and political fields or the respects in which analysis of these requires
significant revisions of Bourdieu’s central theories and concepts. This conference will address the deficit by considering the specific theoretical and empirical considerations that have to be taken into account in order to apply, critique, and revise
Bourdieu’s perspectives in the southern hemisphere.

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Jane Kenway, Professor of Education, Monash University
High status schools, trans-national capitals and global elite formations
Conal McCarthy, Museum and Heritage Studies, Victoria University of Wellington
The rules of (Māori) art: Museums, visitors and indigenous culture in the field of New Zealand art
Fred Myers, Silver Professor of Anthropology, New York University
Flows of Culture, National Value, and Distinction:  Papunya Tula Art in America

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Proposals for papers and panels addressing the application of Bourdieusian concepts and categories to any aspect of  the economic, socio-cultural and political fields of Australia and New Zealand are invited. Themes of specific interest include: Cultural capital and social divisions in postcolonial contexts; Cultural fields and colonial histories; The dynamics of post­colonial fields; Culture, nation, and ethnicity; Capital, field, habitus: applications and revisions; National  fields in transna­tional  perspectives.
- Individual paper proposals (200 words)
- Panel proposals (200 words each)

All proposals should be sent to Reena Dobson — r.dobson at uws.edu.au<mailto:r.dobson at uws.edu.au> by 28 February 2011.

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Tony Bennett (UWS) - t.bennett at uws.edu.au<mailto:t.bennett at uws.edu.au>
John Frow (University of Melbourne) - jfrow at unimelb.edu.au<mailto:jfrow at unimelb.edu.au>
Ghassan Hage (University of Melbourne) - ghage at unimelb.edu.au<mailto:ghage at unimelb.edu.au>
Greg Noble (UWS) - g.noble at uws.edu.au<mailto:g.noble at uws.edu.au>

This conference is jointly organised by the Centre for Cultural Research (CCR) at the University
of Western Sydney, the School of Culture and Communication and the Department of
Anthropology, the University of Melbourne

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