[csaa-forum] Reminder: CCR SEMINAR SERIES 08: Zoe Sofoulis and Jane Mills - 17 July

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Apologies for cross-postings 

 Centre for Cultural Research

University of Western Sydney


invites all to attend

the CCR Seminar Series 2008



 Dr Zoë Sofoulis (CCR, UWS)




Dr Jane Mills (Australian Film, Television and Radio School)


Date: Thursday, 17 July

Time: 2.00pm - 4.30pm

Venue: Gallery Floor, Female Orphan School (Building EZ), Parramatta Campus

Afternoon tea and cakes provided 

RSVP: Jacqui Kingi j.kingi at uws.edu.au or 9685 9600

Apologies: Kay Anderson k.anderson at uws.edu.au   




Water Users, Practices, and Infrastructures of Consumption: Developments in the Pipelines (North and South)

Zoë Sofoulis

Current debates around adaptation to climate change and water shortages reveal that Australian policy-makers have not made the paradigm shifts needed for sustainability. They are still working on models of 'natural resource management' that position end-users as 'customers' to whom 'price signals' must be sent out, and/or whose adoption of efficiency measures must be encouraged. This paper outlines some challenges to the customer-based approach arising from cultural, social and some systems and engineering approaches to understanding urban water uses and users.  It reports on current trends in research on urban water in Australia and the UK, and highlights some similarities and differences in the contents, contexts and reception of a project undertaken with Sydney Water Corporation and related projects by Elizabeth Shove and associates with UK Water Industry Research body (UKWIR).   The conclusion aims to draw out some points about the shifts in thinking about end-users that are urgently needed in policies and strategies for climate change adaptation.  



Cinema, Cultural Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue

Jane Mills

The moving image plays an important role in literacy pedagogy today: within many Australian classrooms  'viewing' and 'listening' have been added to reading, writing and basic numeracy as part of the definition of literacy.  The notion of 'multiliteracies' is fast gaining currency among teachers from K-12, and 'cineliteracy', the 'reading', 'writing' and comprehension of the moving image, has an increasing number of adherents among the teaching profession.  There is, however, little unity of pedagogic theory or practice concerning how cineliteracy can, or might, relate to a general concept of cultural literacy.  Could cineliteracy, for example, provide a more nuanced understanding of the role that screen culture might play in introducing and reinforcing intercultural dialogue among students, their families and communities from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds?  Could transnational or intercultural cinema in the classroom usefully consolidate knowledge of global screen culture acquired in the home and community environments to impact positively upon traditional literacy and numeracy skills and upon student engagement and participation in the learning and teaching process?  This paper outlines the outcomes of some of the cineliteracy research projects that I have devised and delivered in recent years and explores the potential directions in which the pedagogic research might usefully go.




Dr Zoë Sofoulis has an international scholarly reputation in the areas of cultural studies, gender and technology, and the philosophy of technology.  Her recent research interests have highlighted the cultural aspects of water usage and water research.  She was the convenor of the 2007 CCR Symposium In the Pipeline: New Directions in Cultural Research on Water. In Autumn 2008 she was a Visiting Researcher to the engineering department at University College London, funded by the (UK) Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and with UK colleagues is planning an international conference on urban water management for 2010.


Dr Jane Mills was recently awarded a PhD for her dissertation, Hollywood and its Others: Porous Borders and Creative Tensions in the Transnational Screenscape, which will be published by Allen & Unwin in March 2009.  Former Head of Screen Studies at the Australian Film, Television & Radio School (AFTRS), she has devised and delivered cineliteracy programmes for the NSW DET for the past eight years.  Jane is currently an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at AFTRS, and Series Editor for Australian Screen Classics co-published by Currency Press and the National Film and Sound Archive. 


Parramatta Campus Map and Directions http://www.uws.edu.au/about/locations/maps/parramattamap     

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