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   Good Morning Katrina,
         Thank you for this contribution to our conversation about journal rankings. I just want to say, which I hope goes without saying, that there was no slight intended in not mentioning Cultural Studies Review.  It is just that CSR has got its fully justified A rating and my concern, as I'm sure has been that of others, is with those cs journals that have been given unjustifiably lower rankings.
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Dear All

The correspondence on ERA ranked journals has so far ignored Cultural Studies Review  which has been awarded an 'A' listing. We are also an international journal that is published and managed within Australia but outside the American and UK publishing houses such as Taylor and Francis, Sage and Routledge. We are very proud of our editorial standards and put a great deal of very hard work into maintaining and expanding our intellectual focus and international ethos. 

We have been seeking a direct association with CSAA for some time but have been hampered by our lack of flexibility with pricing that the larger publishers can offer. That is, so far CSAA members have been able to get more copies of Continuum per year than we could supply of Cultural Studies Review for the same price. But this should not mean that we are not seen as a key Australian Cultural Studies journal that publishes for this Cultural Studies community and depends upon it for our extensive reviewing and refereeing work. We will continue to seek closer alignment with the CSAA.

Could we please therefore take this opportunity to thank all of those on the CSAA list and beyond who have enabled Cultural Studies Review to gain an 'A' listing because you have been willing to give so much of your often unrecognised time to the tasks of writing considered referees reports, responding positively to requests for reviews and for coming forward with suggestions for focussed editions and changes. It is upon your work that any journal reputation is built.

Warm regards
Katrina Schlunke
John Frow


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