[csaa-forum] After Convergence - Issue 13 of the Fibreculture Journal - online now

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After Convergence - Issue 13 of the Fibreculture Journal - online now

Edited by Caroline Bassett (University of Sussex, UK), Maren Hartmann
(University of the Arts Berlin, Germany), Kate O'Riordan (University of
Sussex, UK)


After convergence: what connects? Making this question the subject of this
special issue we set out to address two questions at once. The first was:
'Are we after convergence?' and by this we meant to invite explorations of
the exhaustion of the original convergence model. The second was: 'What kind
of convergence are we after?' Which is to say what kind of convergence do we

Adrian Mackenzie - Wirelessness as Experience of Transition

David M. Berry - A Contribution Towards A Grammar of Code

Jonathan Sterne, Jeremy Morris, Michael Brendan Baker and Ariana Moscote
Freire - The Politics of Podcasting

Caroline Bassett - New Maps for Old?: The Cultural Stakes of '2.0'

Teodor Mitew - Repopulating the Map: Why Subjects and Things are Never Alone

Aylish Wood - Proliferating Connections and Communicating Convergence

Helen Thornham - Making games? Towards a theory of domestic videogaming

The Fibreculture Journal is affiliated with the Open Humanities Press -

"Take me to the operator, I want to ask some questions" - Barbara

"A traveller, who has lost his way, should not ask, Where am I? What he
really wants to know is, Where are the other places" - Alfred North

"I thought I had reached port; but I seemed to be cast back again into the
open sea" (Deleuze and Guattari, after Leibniz)

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