[csaa-forum] the sixties and flesh-eating freaks

Stephen Stockwell s.stockwell at griffith.edu.au
Thu Jun 7 19:44:10 CST 2007

Dear Stephen and friends,

The sixties is a dangerous topic. You never know when those happy hippies 
giving peace a chance will turn into flesh-eating freaks coming after you.

No seriously, I was really too young for the sixties but there is 
something very useful in the period, NOT in how 70s marxism reconstructed 
them, but in their own lack of orthodoxy and the creation of the new. I 
guess I am attracted to the politics of possibility in situationism, 
yippies, Leary etc. Julie Stephens' book from the late 90s 
"Anti-Disciplinary Protest" captures some of this mood.

Last year the Museum of Brisbane had an interesting exhibition on street 
politics in Brisbane 1965-1985 called "Taking to the Streets". The 
forthcoming Queensland Review has a number of articles on related topics 
including my own "Alternative Media in Brisbane 1965-1985".

Count me in if you decide to take this further.


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