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Danny Butt db at dannybutt.net
Thu Feb 22 05:52:41 CST 2007

Dear Jon

Thanks so much for all your efforts in making this available. It's a  
fantastic resource.

At the recent NZ Media Studies conference, Graeme Turner gave a  
fascinating keynote, reviewing the success of Australian CS figures  
in establishing substantial infrastructure (research centres etc.)  
and gaining positions of power within the humanities lobby groups (in  
Graeme's case the AAH, Cunningham in CHASS etc.). Some NZ  
participants wondered about the comparatively weaker state of the  
discipline in this country and how greater influence could be  
achieved. What was clear from Turner's presentation is that whatever  
position of respectability and authority Australian CS is in today  
(another discussion ;), it began from making the intellectual case  
for Australia, especially within international forums.

The pluralist cultural nationalism that fuelled the 80s heyday of  
cultural policy has obviously passed, and the critical energy that  
might exist within an equivalent generation in Australia today is now  
spread across many diverse contexts. However, reviewing the vibrancy  
of the AJCS collection and its gaps is a good reminder of the  
opportunity for agendas to be set intellectually (rather than simply  
professionally) in the first instance, and for the importance of  
informal solidarity.

Warm regards,



On 21/02/2007, at 8:16 PM, Jon Stratton wrote:

>    Hi Everybody,
>       Some of you will know that what was possibly the first  
> Cultural Studies journal was started at Curtin University of  
> Technology and Murdoch University back in 1983.  It was called the  
> Australian Journal of Cultural Studies.  The journal ran for four  
> years.  In 1987, after considerable negotiation, the journal was  
> transformed into the journal now called Cultural Studies.   
> Originally, the AJCS was typed up and photocopied.  It is up to  
> others to tell this story in more detail if they like.  Anyway, I  
> am glad to be able to tell you all that, through funding provided  
> by the Faculty of Media, Society and Culture at Curtin I have been  
> able to get the AJCS scanned in and made available on the web.  The  
> journal contains articles by many people who are well-known in the  
> area including  Graeme Turner, John Frow, Stephen Mueke, Cathy  
> Greenfield, Tom O'Regan, Lesley Johnson and John Hartley.  The AJCS  
> has both historical value and intellectual importance.  It is  
> available at:
> http://info.ccs.curtin.edu.au/AJCSjournal_index.cfm
> and should be findable in due course through the usual search  
> engines.  I should also like to thank Garry Gillard at Murdoch  
> University who helped this project by making available the scanning  
> of the journal that he had already done.
> Enjoy!
> Jon
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