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Vol 13 no. 2 May 2007
Consumption and Use of DVD's [add-ons]

The focus of the special issue
The phenomenal growth of DVD is affected by several
broad factors including: cultural needs, cost-benefit
utility, user-friendliness, and a nation’s
technological infrastructure among other factors. The
new digital format raises specific questions for
conventional film analysis with DVD add-ons in
particular, which provide new ways of appreciating
film and exploring how audiences ‘think digitally’.
Yet, there is always the danger of simply valorising
this new format, which is primarily designed to
exploit a loyal and sometimes obsessive fan base. But,
taken as a whole package however, the increasingly
large amount of supplementary material surrounding a
feature film creates a whole new context for
consumption. This digital meta-text consists of a
series of differentiated segments that can be
negotiated to construct a unique combination in any
given viewing activity. It is even claimed that the
new format allows the user to view in a non-linear
fashion and creates a new logic of use and
We encourage a discussion of issues which address the
following broad areas:
Pedagogical applications of new media formats like DVD
across all levels of formal education
Articulating intrinsic pleasures of the new technology
Audience studies of DVD use and consumption
Case study: content and textual analysis of DVD
[genres, narratives, auteurs etc.]
Translations and Localisation of DVD’s across varying
Archiving film and innovate strategies of use
Technological applications of the digital format [For
example Computer Recognition Projects here at DCU
which can produce effective databases for formal
analysis of a large corpus of films.]
Academics creating the medium [with a growing number
of audio commentaries on DVDs for example]
Commercial applications by media practitioners and
film companies of such analysis
Branding and Marketing of DVD’s etc
DVD as a distribution and exhibition format for moving
Other uses of DVD [beyond presentation of film]
Artists use of DVD format
Copy deadline for refereed articles 31 July 2006
All proposals, enquiries and submission for this
special issue to:
Pat Brereton
Email: pat.brereton at dcu.ie
Dublin City University, School of Communications,
Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland.
Phone + 00353 (1) 7005440; fax +00353 (1)

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