[csaa-forum] bolt is a nut

Shelley Brunt shellstar at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 2 14:17:21 CST 2004

Bolt's "very wide net" extends to TV though his regular appearances on 
nine's Today show, usually under the guise of 'pro-right-wing defender' in 
staged debates...I wonder if/when he will use this forum for his ARC 

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>I'm a little surprised to read comments by so many who take Andrew Bolt
>lightly, as though he was merely a sensationalist hack journalistic. My
>take is that he is a stooge of the extreme right, and quite an effective
>polemicist. He casts a very wide net and is a clever writer. He is
>readily able, and very willing, to address even the most innocuous and
>bland topics to produce highly partisan political diatribes that
>resonate strongly through a large part of the community. I do not
>believe he should be lightly dismissed, (except of course that if we
>convince ourselves he is a no account nutter, we may sleep better at
>Michael Richards.
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