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A short note to let you all know about a new set of publications in
Cultural Studies Review focused around the theme of 'an elemental

* Introduction: An Elemental Anthropocene (
Timothy Neale, Will Smith, Alison Kenner

* An Eternal Flame: The Elemental Governance of Wildfire’s Pasts, Presents
and Futures (
Timothy Neale, Alex Zahara, Will Smith

* Water Flourishing in the Anthropocene (
Jessica Cattelino, Georgina Drew, Ruth Morgan

* Breathing in the Anthropocene: Thinking Through Scale with Containment
Technologies (
Alison Kenner, Aftab Mirzaei,
Christy Spackman

* Engendering the Anthropocene in Oceania: Fatalism, Resilience, Resistance
Margaret Jolly

"To think an elemental Anthropocene, we propose, might then mean both
‘staying with the trouble’ of specific matters in all their contingency and
determination and also, more riskily, actually making claims about what is
essential to the terrible ecological predicaments on this planet... To
think an elemental Anthropocene would thereby require us to both ‘recognize
the irreducibility of relationality,’ as Cattellino et al. state, and give
an account of who is in relation, how, and under what conditions." -
Introduction: An Elemental Anthropocene (

*Dr Timothy Neale*
*DECRA Senior Research Fellow*
*Deakin University, Burwood, Australia*

*Dr Timothy Neale*
*Senior Research Fellow*
*Deakin University, Burwood, Australia*
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