[csaa-forum] Reminder: Call for Participation: Memories that Make Us: Storying Italian Immigration to Victoria in the post-war period

Sean Redmond s.redmond at deakin.edu.au
Thu Jul 18 16:37:03 ACST 2019

Memories that Make Us: Storying Italian Immigration to Victoria in the post-war period

One of the questions that we are asking people is what special possessions did they bring with them from Italy. One of our respondents told us this:

"Some liquor glasses. I think they were wedding presents for my parents when they married. We didn’t have much, but these were a treasure. I still have them. I brought my Catechism book and grade 5 school books. My youngest sister brought her doll".

Wrapped up in this beautiful response is recognition of items endowed with celebratory meaning; items that might be important here; and items that one might hold against one's skin to make one feel safe...

In partnership with Co.As.IT: Italian Assistance Association, Deakin University are undertaking an 18 month research project to record and archive the migration stories of post second world war Italian Migrants. This $250,000 funded project intends to shine a light on the dominant cultural and social values that Italian migrants encountered on their arrival to Australia and their settlement in Victoria. This will enable us to curate a shared ‘past’ and create a living history for all generations to gather around and learn from. The project will result in a feature-length documentary, digital archive and website, and interactive exhibition, alongside archival reports and research articles.

The project is aimed at Italian migrants aged 70 and over, who migrated to Australia and settled in Victoria from 1945 onwards. The project will include participants filling out – with advocates, family and community members - a detailed questionnaire, the running of over 30 community-based focus groups, and the conducting of at least 25 individual interviews. Personal items, secondary materials, historical reports and news and documentary footage will provide us with contextual material.

This is a call for colleagues to circulate this participation request amongst their relevant networks, and family and community groups. Attached are two letters, one in English, one in Italian, which summarises the project. There is also a flyer for wider circulation.

The questionnaire link can be found here: https://researchsurveys.deakin.edu.au/…/…/SV_9pmRszTBy5OhlmB<https://researchsurveys.deakin.edu.au/jfe/form/SV_9pmRszTBy5OhlmB?fbclid=IwAR0DTCah16Tvuh1gMAtJxBqjJT7BQq1QSxVFCVc2Yo6TrcVdNqFpYx1Qqk4>

Best wishes,
Professor Sean Redmond, Deakin University, CI
Dr Toija Cinque, Deakin University, CI
Dr Martin Potter, Deakin University, CI
Fotis Kapetopoulos, Project Manager ( e: fotis at kape.com.au )
Riccardo Schirru, Senior Research Fellow

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