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Dear colleagues,

Please find attached and below information on an upcoming symposium Meeting the Human Halfway at the University of Sydney, which will showcase emerging scholars working on social theory in a changing posthuman landscape.

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The BioHumanity Research Theme would like to invite you to our upcoming symposium Meeting the Human Halfway, happening at the University of Sydney on Friday 31st May in Lecture Theatre 203, RD Watt Building.

The "human", "person" or "self" has always been an unstable category in social theory, prone to multiple readings in the humanities and conflicting taxonomies in the sciences. This symposium will bring together a range of social theorists to ask how the "human" has existed-as a concept, a framework, a method-and how we might deepen and recast our social theories of the human in the context of bioscientific innovations and multispecies entanglements. Pushed to their limit by abounding environmental crises and emerging knowledge of our more-than-human worlds, prevailing concepts of the human cannot hold. Disciplinary boundaries and methods for studying the human need to be reworked.

This symposium will showcase papers from four early career researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences, who chart creative social theories of the human amid more-than-human worlds. In response, four established scholars from the social sciences and humanities will provide lively engagement as discussants.

For more information, including a full list of speakers, and to register, please see:  https://bit.ly/2H0pqdB

All welcome, but for catering purposes and to distribute readings, registration is essential by 24th May.

Click here<https://sydney.edu.au/arts/our-research/futurefix/biohumanity.html> for more information on the BioHumanity project at the University of Sydney.
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