[csaa-forum] Invitation to attend School of Creative Industries, University of South Australia seminars and Masterclass with Prof Mark Banks (ULeicester), Adelaide June 28 & 29

Susan Luckman Susan.Luckman at unisa.edu.au
Wed Jun 20 13:10:25 ACST 2018

Please find attached details of 4 public events to coincide with the visit of Professor Kate Oakley (University of Leeds), Professor Mark Banks (University of Leicester) and Professor Jon Stratton (University of South Australia) to the newly launched School of Creative Industries at the University of South Australia.

In summary, they are:

Thursday, 28 June, 11.30am-1.00pm, Rm B2-08

Seminar: Social Media and Death
Prof Jon Stratton, School of Creative Industries, University of South Australia

Social media are pervaded by death. This presentation utilises ideas drawn primarily from the work of Guy Debord-the society of the spectacle-and Jean Baudrillard-his discussion of death in Symbolic Exchange and Death, to think through the significance of death on social media. Debord argued that the consequence of the ubiquity of the mass media, and television in particular, and their increasing imbrication with consumption capitalism, was that social relations are increasingly lived as spectacle. At the same time, in the modern world death has become increasingly separated from life. No longer integrated into social life, death has become the feared and meaningless end of life which is to be
preserved at all costs. The death which is now meaningful is not 'natural' death but violent death. Social media is full of unnatural deaths including beheadings and suicide. This presentation discusses the pervasiveness of these on social media.

Thursday, 28 June, 2.00-4.00pm, Rm C1-60

Roundtable: 'Creative Industries': What's in a Name?
Prof  Jason  Bainbridge, Prof  Mark  Banks,  Prof  Adrian  Franklin,  Prof  Kate  Oakley,    Prof  Susan  Luckman  (Chair)

This roundtable discussion invites panellists to offer their expert insights into the advent of 'creative industries' as a scholarly debate, policy fetish, and marketing brand.

Each panellist has been asked to speak briefly to the questions:

*         If you had to give a 2 minute dinner party overview of the history of the emergence of 'creative industries' as a concept what would it be?

*         What does the term 'creative industries' mean to you? What is your preferred terminology and why?

*         Moving forward, what is the future of the concept (does it have one?), and how best can those of us in the newly re-named School of Creative Industries work with it and position ourselves moving forward?

Friday, 29 June, 1.00-2.30pm, Rm B2-08

Master Class: The Politics of Creative Labour
Prof Mark Banks, University of Leicester, UK

Taking as its starting point a reading of Chapter 2 ('Unpacking the Politics of Creative Labour') of Angela McRobbie's most recent book Be Creative (2016), this masterclass explores the realities of contemporary creative labour and invites participants to situate their own research and experience within the context of this international scholarship. It will take as its starting point for discussion the provocations:

*         What are McRobbie's key arguments, overall, about the politics of 'creative labour'?

*         How does this compare with your own understandings of working in the creative industries?

*         How does the Australian/Adelaide creative marketplace fit in terms of these issues?

*         What kinds of methods or approaches to study might allow us to better understand how creative labour is developing or changing?

Friday, 29 June, 3.00-4.30pm, Rm B2-08

Seminar: What is 'Creative Justice'? Theorising Cultural Industries, Work and Inequality
Prof Mark Banks, University of Leicester, UK

Contrary to popular belief, the cultural or 'creative' economy is riven with social inequalities, discriminations and patterns of disadvantage. This is now well established in the academic literature - but what can we do about it? By what principles can we make the cultural (or creative) industries fair, equitable and more just? This paper draws on a recent book (Creative Justice) to make the case for three principles that might lead to better, more inclusive and just employment in the creative sectors of arts, media and cultural industries. These are 'objective respect', 'parity of participation' and 'reduction of harms' - but what do these mean, and how far might they take us? And what other, better, principles might we require?

Professor Susan Luckman

Professor: Cultural Studies, School of Creative Industries
Associate Director, Hawke EU Centre
University of South Australia

Cheney Fellow, University of Leeds 2017-2018

Chief Investigator: 'Promoting the Making Self in the Creative Micro-economy' (ARC DP 150100485) http://www.unisa.edu.au/craftingself

Author: Craft and the Creative Economy http://www.palgrave.com/us/book/9781137399649

UniSA respects the Kaurna, Boandik and Barngarla peoples' spiritual relationship with their country.  We recognise and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land and acknowledge that they are of continuing importance to those people living today.

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