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Australian Ally Conference 2018
Curtin University, Bentley, Western Australia
27-28 September 2018

Call For Presentations

Activating Human Rights, Sexuality and Gender: Leading the Change

The successful carriage of marriage equality into Australian law in 2017 reflected a triumph for LGBTIQ+ inclusion . However, the recognition of marriage equality as a right is only part of the story as LGBTIQ+ people face ongoing and entrenched social, cultural, political, religious and economic discrimination and exclusion from being full participants in society. The challenges regarding the human rights for people based on sexual orientation and gender identity expression occur in the everyday, through the lived experience at home, in the workplace and in education.

The 2018 Ally Conference will open up a national and international conversation on how to activate human rights in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity expression for all people well into the future, setting new pathways to policy, innovation and enduring change.

The Conference will bring together academic and professional staff, students, activists and practitioners from across Ally and LGBTIQ+ communities in the education, advocacy sectors, industry and beyond, and will showcase best practice of Ally networks in diverse institutional contexts.

We invite relevant presentations in our key focus areas: Students and Staff; the Workplace and the Classroom; Trans and Intersex; Intersectionality. Contributions outside these areas are also welcome.

Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):
• Queer(y)ing the purpose of Ally
• LGBTIQ+ activism, advocacy, and education
• Identifying and addressing issues facing LGBTIQ+ students and staff
• Sexual orientation, gender identity expression and community engagement
• Australian and international LGBTIQ+ / Ally theory and realistic national and international benchmarking
• LGBTIQ+ Indigenous issues and lived experience
• Negotiating diversity and inclusion in University spaces and ultimate workplace transition for LGBTIQ+ students
• Queer justice and aesthetics (on campus, in the workplace and beyond)
• Lessons learnt from human rights and social justice in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity expression
• Interdisciplinary, trans-disciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to sexual orientation and gender expression identity
• LGBTQI+ feminism and #MeToo movement
• Inclusive teaching and other strategies in Higher Education
• The role of student unions / guilds in supporting LGBTIQ+ students
• Learning from Ally Networks in the workplace / queering the workplace
• Visibility / transitioning in Higher Education
• Navigating LGBTIQ+ racism, sexism, ableism, xenophobia, and classism
• Supporting and engaging LGBTIQ+ international students
• Imagining Ally Networks in the 2020s
• Learning from the history of Ally Networks

Call for Papers and Panels

Individual Papers
Individual paper presentations are 20 mins long.

Collaborative Panels
Panel proposals are also welcome. Panels need to include 3-4 papers. In addition to submitting a 250 word abstract for each presenter, please submit an abstract (100 words) and a title (15 words max.) for the panel as a whole. Please indicate lead panel contact person.

DUE BY 13 MAY 2018
Submission and enquiries must be sent via email to: AllyConference2018 at curtin.edu.au

Please include a short bio or bios (if panel) note at the end of your abstract or panel. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your submission and will be notified the outcome by the end of June 2018.

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