[csaa-forum] Video Seminar Participation, Active Citizenship and Community Media

Carpentier Nico nico.carpentier at vub.ac.be
Tue Feb 6 01:49:14 ACST 2018

((apologies for cross-posting and mild self-promotion))

Video Seminar Participation, Active Citizenship and Community Media

This Respublika! seminar aims to discuss the needs, opportunities and 
challenges for increased levels of participation in all societal fields, 
and its implications and requirements for active citizenship and civil 
society. One particular field, the field of communication, will be 
gently highlighted during the seminar, without decontextualising 
communication and disconnecting it from the many other social fields and 
their specificities.

The seminar was organised on 13.01.2018, at the NeMe Arts Centre, in 
Limassol, Cyprus. The video of this seminar is now available online, at:


These were the speakers at the seminar, with the links to their 
individual talks included:

1/ Moderator: Yiannis Christidis (CY) - Introduction > 

2/ Bart Cammaerts (BE) - Power and Pre-Figurative Politics within the 
Progressive Left > https://vimeo.com/254113716

3/ Vaia Doudaki (GR/SE) - Street Papers as Spaces of Participation and 
Inclusion > https://vimeo.com/253976236

4/ Hazal Yolga (CY) - Speaking the Unspoken: Challenging Hegemonic 
Discourses > https://vimeo.com/254080240

5/ Nico Carpentier (BE/SE) - The Discursive-Material Knot, Participation 
and Community Media Theory > https://vimeo.com/254097755

The full video can also be accessed from http://nicocarpentier.net/, and 
the individual speakers' videos from http://respublika.neme.org/seminars/.

Other Respublika! videos are:

* Seminar Community media, Community art production and Democratic 
knowledge > https://vimeo.com/249551528
* A Visual Report on the R! Participation Matters Exhibition > 
* A Visit to the Mirror Palace of Democracy. Installation at the R! 
Participation Matters Exhibition > https://vimeo.com/249194905

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