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Dear members,

we're pleased to announce that our new ECREA Summer School book is out.

This year's volume is entitled "Present Scenarios of Media Production and Engagement" (Bremen: edition lumière). It is edited by Simone Tosoni, Nico Carpentier, Maria Francesca Murru, Richard Kilborn, Leif Kramp, Risto Kunelius, Anthony McNicholas, Tobias Olsson and Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt. The book has 296 pages and costs 19,80 euro plus shipping.

The main focus of “Present Scenarios of Media Production and Engagement”
is dedicated to the fundamental question: How do production, communication and usage practices change in the present media environment? This volume consists of the intellectual work of the 2016 European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School, organized in cooperation with the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy. The chapters cover relevant research topics, structured into four sections: “Scenarios of Convergence and Transmedia Communication”, “Strategies and Transformations of Media and Cultural Industries”, “Politics of Representation in Contemporary Media Discourses”, and “Researching Media and Communication”.

Contributors are: Montse Bonet, Michael Bruun Andersen, Leandro Augusto Borges Lima, Bertrand Cabedoche, Nico Carpentier, Yiannis Christidis, Mariana Ciancia, Yuliya Lakew, Tania Lucía Cobos, Johanna Möller, Scott Ellis, Julie Escurignan, Anna Grøndahl Larsen, Naimah Hussain, Leif Kramp, Sonia Livingstone, Johanna Möller, Justyna Pierzynska, Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, Simone Tosoni. The book additionally contains abstracts of 43 doctoral projects that were discussed at the 2016 European Media Communication Doctoral Summer School.

For more information, see http://www.editionlumiere.de/tosoni-et-al.html
Orders of printed copies are welcomed by the publisher via e-mail:
edition.lumiere at arcormail.de.

Below, you'll find the Table of Contents.

Researching Present Scenarios of Media Production and Engagement Simone Tosoni, Maria Francesca Murru, Laura Peja and Nico Carpentier


SECTION 1. Scenarios of Convergence and Transmedia Communication

Branding Game of Thrones Across Media: HBO’s Visual Creation of a Brand Identity Julie Escurignan

Vidding and its Media Territories: A Practice-centred Approach to User-generated Content Production Simone Tosoni and Mariana Ciancia

The Class: Living and Learning in the Digital Age Sonia Livingstone

Videogames as a Political Medium: The Case of Mass Effect and the Gendered Gaming Scene of Dissensus Leandro Augusto Borges Lima

SECTION 2. Strategies and Transformations of Media and Cultural Industries

The Spanish Contribution to the Study of Cultural Industries. The First Steps Montse Bonet

New Scenarios in News Distribution: The Impact of News Aggregators Like Google News in The Media Outlets on the Web Tania Lucía Cobos

“We Need to Keep Moving”: Strategies of News Media to Attract Young Audiences in Germany Leif Kramp

Bourdieu in Greenland: Elaborating the Field Dependencies of Post-colonial Journalism Naimah Hussain

Section 3. Politics of representation in contemporary media discourses

Humanizing Violent Extremism: Journalistic Reflections on In-depth Personalized Narratives of Western jihadists Anna Grøndahl Larsen

“Exotic Brotherhoods” in Serbian Media Discourses: The Caucasus Justyna Pierzynska

Truce and Consequence. Indexing Theory and COP15 in the Danish Press.
Michael Bruun Andersen

Farewell to a Utopia. Technology Discourse in the German NSA Debate Johanna Möller

Perceptions of Acceptance and Inclusion: the Influence of Legislation and Media on LGBT Student Identity and Embeddedness Scott Ellis

Section 4. Researching Media and Communication

Notes about Common Sense and Academic Knowledge Bertrand Cabedoche

Translating an Academic Text into Sound Art. An Experiment with a Communication Studies’ Text on Participation Yiannis Christidis and Nico Carpentier

Statistical Tales: Bringing in Reflexivity to Make Sense of Quantitative Data Yuliya Lakew

Time in Neoliberal Academia – How to Make the Most of It Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt


Abstracts of doctoral projects discussed at the 2016 European Media Communication Doctoral Summer School.

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