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Colleagues will be sad to learn of the death on Sunday of Denis
McQuail.   Denis was one of the giants of our field, the author of
numerous original works, probably the field’s major textbook, and one
of the founders of the European Journal of Communication. Most of all
he was a good friend and incomparable mentor for many in the field,
and he will be badly missed and long remembered.


Sorry if sounds too OT to pay tribute to a dead professor, but Prof.
McQuail wrote brilliant works about mass communication, about the
relations between media and society, talking about political, social
and cultural aspects of freedom of expression, censorship, information
of public interest, and so many concepts we study and defend daily...
He deserves this last goodbye.

It's always sad when a teacher, an author dies.  He will live in his
works, but it's always strange to me to know you will never say hello
again to a person.  I never said 'Hello, I love your work!' to Prof.
McQuail and now I will never say...
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