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Out now:

*The Currency of Desire: Libidinal Economy, Psychoanalysis and Sexual 
**David Bennett*
More information or to buy: www.lwbooks.co.uk/book/currency-of-desire

‘As copiously erudite as it is intellectually ambitious, The Currency of 
Desire explores the long history of the “libidinal economy” as a potent, 
figurative force that plays at the intersection between economic 
rationality and psychic life ... Metaphors are “symptoms” of survival, 
Bennett lucidly argues, in a striking narrative that explores the 
ongoing struggle between economic rationality and erotic energy.’
*Professor Homi Bhabha, Director of the Mahindra Humanities Centre, 
Harvard University*

‘It is an irresistible coupling: money and sex. David Bennett's new book 
displays his extraordinary erudition, which he presents with both 
eloquence and punch. A great read!’
*Professor Joanna Bourke, Birkbeck, University of London, author of The 
Story of Pain (2015) *

In this groundbreaking book, David Bennett explores the power of 
economic language to mould both scientific and popular thinking about 
desire, from the eighteenth century to the present. Combining 
intellectual history with modern critical theory, he analyses debates on 
topics as disparate as onanism and advertising, psychoanalysis and 
shopping, Christianity and communism, prostitution and revolution.

*David Bennett *is Principal Fellow in the School of Culture and 
Communication at the University of Melbourne. His publications include 
Sounding Postmodernism (2008) and Loaded Subjects: Psychoanalysis, Money 
and the Global Financial Crisis (2012).

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