[csaa-forum] SSSN Seminar at UNSW: Music in comedy television: A study of nothing? Liz Giuffre

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SSSN Seminar Series
*Music in comedy television: A study of nothing?*
Tuesday 8th March, 5 - 6.30pmRoom 327, Robert Webster Building, UNSW

*Music** in Comedy Television* is a collection about ‘nothing’ in the same
way *Seinfeld*was a show about nothing. * Seinfeld's* ‘nothing’ was a
euphemism – a challenge to reconsider existing value systems. *Seinfeld*’s
storylines were nothing remarkable, but its execution was real (and
spectacular) - drawing attention to experiences that affected the audience
but perhaps they hadn't really stopped to focus on before. Music in comedy
television works the same way - it is all around us, but we seldom to think
about, celebrate or interrogate it.  Theme tunes, musical cues, character
motifs and establishing soundscapes engage audiences in the comedy
television world to set up (or subvert) expectations, develop narratives,
pose questions and ultimately gain a laugh. The type of music used in these
contexts can vary wildly - it can be original or pre-existing; subtle or
overt; taken from any genre or era. But in each case it is carefully chosen
and manipulated to create the desired affect. If the
musician/writers/distributers get the balance wrong, then they may struggle
to find an audience to appreciate the final product.

*Dr Liz Giuffre* *(UTS)* is an academic, writer and fan. She's published on
screen sound covering film and television, and has a particular interest in
genre studies (especially comedy).  *Liz.Giuffre at uts.edu.au
<Liz.Giuffre at uts.edu.au>.*

Finding us
Robert Webster Building is located mid-way off the UNSW main walkway. Map
Reference G14. Cinema 327 is located on the third floor. More information
on getting to UNSW.<http://www.facilities.unsw.edu.au/getting-uni>

There is limited parking on the campus but free parking is available from
6:30pm in the car park next to NIDA accessed via Day Ave.

Refreshments will be served during the seminar.

For further details on the Sydney Screen Studies program, please
*Phoebe Macrossan*
*Ph.D. Candidate | Sessional Tutor*

*Sydney Screen Studies Network*
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