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Transformations announces the release of Issue No. 27  ‹ Thing Theory,
Material Culture, and Object-Oriented Ontology

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The investigation of things is an important subject across many disciplines
in the humanities and social sciences. In The Social Life of Things (1988),
Arjun Appadurai provided an innovative exploration of how things, as
commodities, shaped their human agents, rather than the other way around ‹
an idea that would have important repercussions for a new scholarly interest
in material culture. In attempting to illuminate the problematic notion of a
³Thing Theory² (2001), Bill Brown has pointed to the complex relationship
between objects and things, arguing that things lie outside a simple
subject-object framework, leading a multifaceted ³life² that humans only
glimpse rather than truly see. More recently, in Vibrant Matter (2010), Jane
Bennett has investigated the political ecology of things and scholars such
as Gay Hawkins (2009) and Gillian Whitlock (2010) have taken up this rich
field of enquiry in their explorations of topics as diverse as cultural
detritus, the posthuman, the consumption of water and plastic, and the
production, dissemination and reception of testimony and artifacts concerned
with asylum seekers¹ life narratives.
This collection of articles spans art history, literature, theatre, and
media studies, demonstrating the versatility of thing theory and its diverse
applications to the study of material culture and the ontology of objects.
Editors: Jane Stadler and Wilson Koh.

Possibilization and Desuetude: the Politics of the Reversed Canvas as
Thing-Object <http://www.transformationsjournal.org/issues/27/01.shtml>  -
Richard Read
Thinking Things: Images of Thought and Thoughtful Images
<http://www.transformationsjournal.org/issues/27/02.shtml>  - Chari Larsson
Territory of the Visual: Photographic Materialities and the Persistence of
Indo-Muslim Architecture
<http://www.transformationsjournal.org/issues/27/03.shtml>  - Sushma Griffin

Hubble-Bubble of Transcultural Encounters: A Study of the Social Life of the
Hookah <http://www.transformationsjournal.org/issues/27/04.shtml>  - Prateek

Movement in the Motif: Semblances and Affective Criticism
<http://www.transformationsjournal.org/issues/27/05.shtml>  - Nick Lord

The Forms and Uses of Contemporary Books: Studying the Book as a Mass
Produced Commodity and an Intimate Object
<http://www.transformationsjournal.org/issues/27/06.shtml>  - Hanna Kuusela

An Ontography of Broadband on a Domestic Scale
<http://www.transformationsjournal.org/issues/27/07.shtml>  - Michael
Arnold, Bjorn Nansen and Jenny Kennedy, Martin Gibbs, Mitchell Harrop, and
Rowan Wilken

Schoolgirls at Truck Stops: Tracing Place, Things, Bodies and Fictions
<http://www.transformationsjournal.org/issues/27/08.shtml>  - Susanne Gannon
Political Poetics and the Power of Things: Nonhuman Agency and Climate
Change in Alexis Wright¹s The Swan Book
<http://www.transformationsjournal.org/issues/27/09.shtml>  - Jean Skeat
Access the issue at:

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