[csaa-forum] CFP: Mediating the Real Conference at the University of Otago August 31st – September 2nd 2016

Rosemary Overell rosemary.overell at otago.ac.nz
Mon Jan 18 06:54:02 ACST 2016

CFP: Mediating the Real
An international conference hosted by the ‘Performance of the Real Research Theme’ at the University of Otago
August 31st – September 2nd 2016

Keynote speakers: Misha Kavka (The University of Auckland, http://www.arts.auckland.ac.nz/people/mkav003); Allen Meek (Massey University, http://www.massey.ac.nz/massey/expertise/profile.cfm?stref=887330) & Agon Hamza (Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, https://zrc-sazu.academia.edu/AgonHamza)

This conference addresses what the ‘Real’ might mean in contemporary media studies. Moving beyond common-sense understandings of ‘realness’ as an objective ‘Truth’, Mediating the Real specifically applies psychoanalytic and Lacanian understandings of the Real to mediated cultures. The conference takes its motivation from currents in critical Lacanian thought which interrogate the political dimensions of the Real’s irruptions into, and intersections with, contemporary culture. In particular, this event calls for papers that engage with mediated cultural formations. Here, we consider the Real across Lacan’s work to include the Real as an anchor / point of return; and, the Real as more than / beyond the Symbolic, and troubling to the Imaginary.
Alongside psychoanalytic approaches, we also encourage submissions from scholars more broadly concerned with media* and constitutions of ‘reality’. This speaks to ‘Performance of the Real Research Theme’ imperatives which address how cultural forms represent, critique and stage ‘reality’ and the ethical and political issues involved in such acts.
Mediating the Real takes a necessarily broad approach to ‘media*’ including papers relating to:

·       televisual and cinematic representations

·        ‘the voice’

·       music and sound

·       art and / or design

·       written forms

·       digital media
Questions that accepted papers might address (though are not limited to) include:

·       How does the Real function in contemporary media cultures?

·       How do questions of sexuation and gender figure in terms of intersections of the Real and media?

·       How do appeals to, and representations of, ‘reality’ in news the media (the news or reality TV, for example), temper or impact on the Real?

·       What of the mediated subject? In particular, the politics of the logged in, digitally mediated Self.

·       What is the role of psychoanalysis in contemporary media studies – especially considering the emphasis on empiricism in institutional contexts that value quantified, ‘objective’ outputs?
Paper abstracts (no more than 250 words) and bios (100 words) should be sent to conference convener Rosemary Overell: rosemary.overell at otago.ac.nz<mailto:rosemary.overell at otago.ac.nz> by 14th March 2016.
Registration (includes cocktail function, lunches, morning and afternoon teas): postgraduate / casual rate: $60; waged / academic rate: $160
Keynote workshops: TBA
Dunedin is a beautiful small city, located in the South Island of New Zealand. A true ‘university town’, it buzzes with student life and academic activity. It hosts a number of independent art galleries, bookshops and radical institutions. Alongside these cultural sites, Dunedin offers stunning opportunities for nature tourism and is a perfect taste of New Zealand’s natural beauty. Tramping (hiking) tracks are within easy distance of the town, as is the striking Otago Peninsula, home to albatross colonies and rare penguin breeds.
Check out our facebook: https://www.facebook.com/performanceofthereal/ and twitter: https://twitter.com/performingreal
Performance of the Real Research Theme Steering Committee: Suzanne Little; Hilary Halba; Rosemary Overell; Yuko Shibata; Hazel Tucker and Jennifer Cattermole
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Rosemary Overell
Media Film and Communication
The University of Otago
Dunedin NZ 9054
rosemary.overell at otago.ac.nz<mailto:rosemary.overell at otago.ac.nz>
[cid:B53C3125-49E6-4E0A-A6F0-81E2CB03E210 at otago.ac.nz] <https://twitter.com/otagomfco>

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