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Call for papers (deadline 30 Sept 2015)
Workshop on Mobiles and Social Media in Southeast Asia and the Pacific
University of Sydney
Thursday 12 & Friday 13 November 2015

supported by the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre
in conjunction with the Department of Media and Communications, University of Sydney & Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore

Featured speakers include:
Prof Rich Ling (Nanyang), A/Prof Heather Horst (RMIT), Dr Jonathan Donner (Caribou Digital), A/Prof Sun Sun Lim (NUS), A/Prof Cheryll Soriana (De La Salle), Dr Aim Sinpeng (Sydney).

About the workshop:

Digital technologies have been deeply involved in overlapping economic, industrial, social, political, cultural, health, and sustainability transformations in countries in the Southeast Asia region as well as adjacent regions such as the Pacific.

As yet, however, there has been little integrated, systematic scholarly consideration of digital technologies in Southeast Asia — at least in the dominant English-language literature. Research has tended to focus on the more populous countries with large markets for Internet and mobile phones, such as Japan and South Korea, and, more recently, China and India. Within Southeast Asia, particular countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, or Malaysia have dominated the research spotlight, with  only limited, scattered studies of mobiles and social media in countries such as Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, each of which is manifesting distinct patterns in digital technology adoption. The region’s largest country, Indonesia, has seen an exponential rise in social media and smartphone penetration, but also remains little studied. With rapid policy development, regulatory change, intervention rollouts as well as business startups in the region, we must ensure there is a solid base of evidence and other research.

Against this background, expressions of interest and papers are invited for a workshop, with associated activities and events, exploring the implications of mobile phones, Internet, social media, and associated digital technologies for Southeast Asian countries and the region. The program will also explore shared issues for countries in the Pacific, as well as regional and rural areas in Australia.

The topic is not simply one for specialists in mobile communication, Internet studies, media and communication studies. We welcome scholars from a wide range of fields in humanities and social sciences (linguistics, history, sociology, anthropology, museum studies, gender and cultural studies, development studies), economics, engineering, informatics, as well as agricultural and health sciences.

We welcome all those working on, or interested in, mobiles and social media from the full range of sectors, settings and organizations — across university, government, regulatory agencies, business, health services, NGOs, civil society, international agencies and media.

Workshop Focus:

The main aims of the workshop are:

·       To identify and bring together contemporary research on digital technology in Southeast Asia;

·       To discuss and explore research in Southeast Asian languages and in local academic settings, institutions, and fora, that are not visible elsewhere in the region, or internationally;

·       To identify and explore key issues  in mobile, social media, and digital technology in particular Southeast Asian countries, across and within the region (especially rural and remote Australia), and also between the region and other parts of the worlds;

·       To consider the Southeast Asian experience in relation to other regions, especially the Pacific;

·       To discuss the research agenda for mobile and social media, and digital technology in Southeast Asia;

·       To reach out to audiences in health, agriculture, banking, education, tourism, and other areas.

Academic and Practitioner Presentations:

We welcome both academic papers and practitioner presentations and talks.

Academic papers for the workshop will be considered for a special issue in a suitable journal or edited volume.

Abstracts/expressions of interest are due by 30 September 2015.

Please send a title, abstract or overview of approximately 250 words, and bio note, to both Nicholas Goodwin and Gerard Goggin: nicholas.goodwin at sydney.edu.au<mailto:nicholas.goodwin at sydney.edu.au>; gerard.goggin at sydney.edu.au<mailto:gerard.goggin at sydney.edu.au>

Program organizers:

The workshop is convened by Gerard Goggin, Department of Media and Communication (MECO; http://sydney.edu.au/arts/media_communications/) University of Sydney, in conjunction with Associate Professor Sun Sun Lim (Department of Communications and New Media; http://www.fas.nus.edu.sg/cnm/), Assistant Dean (Research), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore.

Nick Goodwin, research associate in MECO, is the main organizer and point of contact for the workshop: nicholas.goodwin at sydney.edu.au<mailto:nicholas.goodwin at sydney.edu.au>

About Sydney Southeast Asia Centre (SSEAC; http://sydney.edu.au/southeast-asia-centre/)
The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre (SSEAC) is Australia’s premier centre of interdisciplinary academic excellence on Southeast Asia.
>From a central position within the University of Sydney, SSEAC brings together academics, teachers and researchers from more than a dozen faculties. It aims to forge an innovative and engaged approach to the region that reflects its rich diversity and challenging problems.

Gerard Goggin
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Department of Media and Communications
University of Sydney

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