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Wed Apr 8 07:26:18 ACST 2015

On behalf of the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) board, I am
pleased to announce that the Spring 2015 edition of *Celebrity Culture and
Social Inquiry* has been published.

*Highlights include*:


   Full program of inaugural CMCS international conference at Ryerson
   University on 27-28, May 2015. Access full program here

   Registration of CMCS workshop "Scholars as Critics" on May 28,
2015. Deadline
   April 17, 2015. Select Option C here

   Coverage of CMCS board members in Huffington Post, Toronto Star,
   Chatelaine, and Flare

   *Bibliographies* research guide *Celebrity and Public Persona* (2015) by
   P. David Marshall

   T*aking Fame to Market* (2014) by Barry King


   Call for Papers and Events

You may now access the newsletter for printing or review here

If you would like to subscribe, discuss scholarly publications / creative
productions, or share contributions with our growing research network,
contact us at info at cmc-centre.com
our website
and send an e-mail for criteria and details.

*The Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) is an international
organization and research network that helps coordinating academic research
and media commentaries on celebrity culture and popular arts. CMCS carries
a pedagogical philosophy that inspires integration of research and media
skills training in academic and public discourses of fame.  The centre
believes in intellectual, aesthetic, and ethical values of bridging gaps in
higher education and media.  With this view, CMCS helps coordinating
research, publications, creative productions, and media commentaries to
restore artistic and ethical acts for social change.*

*Dr Samita Nandy*Director, Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS)
Reviewer, Routledge, SAGE Publications and Wilfrid Laurier University Press
PhD Curtin University, Australia (Media / Celebrity)
MA and BA York University, Canada (Communication)
URL <samitanandy at gmail.com>: <http://www.cmc-centre.com/>
http://www.cmc-centre.com/ | www.samitanandy.com

*Latest Invited Lectures and Publications (Selected):*

Nandy, S. *Fame in Hollywood North. *Kingston: WaterHill Publishing
(forthcoming), 2015
Nandy, S. Book Review: Celebrity & The Media. By Sean Redmond. London:
Palgrave McMillan (forthcoming), 2015
Nandy, S. Theatre, Performance, and Memories in Fame. *Celebrity Studies
*(Routledge)*, *2015
Nandy, S. "Persona in Celebrity Activism." *Bridging Gaps: Higher
Education, Media and Society. *Ryerson University, Canada, 2015
Nandy, S. European FEDER funded "Selfies in Celebrity Activism: Persona in
Celebrity Photography and Social Justice." Universidade da Beira Interior,
Portugal, 2015
Nandy, S. and Wheaton, H, "The Value-form of Persona: Celebrity Scandal,
Activism, and Commodities." Deakin University, Australia, 2015

*Nandy, S. "Emotions in Fame." In Mira Moshe (Ed.), The Emotions Industry
New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2014 Nandy, S. "Fame and Nation:
National Identity of Pop Star Justin Bieber." In Amber Anna Colvin
(Ed.).The Performance of Celebrity
Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2013*

 *Media Coverage (Selected)*

Interviewed by Global TV's host Anwar Knight & Allison Annesley in
'Daytime' and 'First Local'on Rogers Television, CTV's George Lagogianes in
Toronto's Breaking News CP 24, SUN News, Chatelaine Magazine, Flare
Magazine, Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF), Urban Television, ANOKHI
Media, FUSIA Magazine, ATN Television, CINA 1650 AM, Share magazine,
Eternity Watch magazine, Rivaaj, Mississauga News, Starbuzz, SNAP Downtown
Toronto newspaper, and Brampton Guardian. Also see Dr. Daniel Ploeger's
press <http://www.daniploeger.org/#!press/c1k7z> area.
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