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Digging the Data - first ANZCA preconference seminar event, co-hosted by the University of Sydney’s Department of Media and Communication (MECO) Media at Sydney seminar series.

The seminar will explore the emerging field of digital research methods with prestigious speakers including Jonathon Hutchinson, Axel Bruns, Peta Mitchell, Rowan Wilken, Tarrin Wills, Cate Dowd, Jeremy Hammond, Ravi Glasser-Vora and Tim Highfield.

The proliferation of data generated by new media devices has exploded within the last few years, leading to the development of new and exciting possibilities of connected, linked and deep data. The market place has seen new and emerging start-ups that operate in and around new media data, policy makers are unsure of how to govern and regulate this emerging area of activity, and finally, researchers and academics are especially interested in this field as it presents new ways of understanding the world around us. By being able to ask new questions of once exhausted research sites and to make sense of research data in new and exploratory ways, both opportunities and challenges manifest for those working and researching in this field.

Digging the Data explores the state of the field for digital research methods within the media and communication discipline. With a backdrop of the digital humanities, this preconference will explore the tensions between humanities scholars and computer scientists collaboratively working on digital media projects. Both research specialists have different expertise, vastly different scholarly trajectories and often speak different languages. However, when working collaboratively, the disciplines can develop novel research questions, unique research methodologies, focus on areas previously inaccessible and explore previously exhausted research environments.

Registrations are now open for the full day digital research methods seminar hosted at The University of Sydney’s Department of Media and Communication.


This ANZCA preconference has four agenda items:

  1.  To examine the state of the field of digital methods;
  2.  To explore how digital methods intersect with the digital humanities and media and communications;
  3.  To showcase USyd’s current work and digital research tools;
  4.  To provide the foundations for a ‘Digital Methods’ working group at ANZCA, 2015.
The outcome of this one-day preconference provides a unique point of departure to generate interest in both an ANZCA digital methods seminar and working group.

We anticipate strong interest for this event and places are limited. We are also showcasing a new research tool we have developed in collaboration with Intersect, that is now available to all Australian scholars.

Please register asap for this exciting new ANZCA and University of Sydney event!

Enquiries to Dr Jonathon Hutchinson: jonathon.hutchinson at sydney.edu.au

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