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Critical Social Futures: Querying Systems of Disability Support

Call for papers for symposium + edited volume

TASA Critical Disability Studies (CDS) Thematic Group

Friday 19 June, 2015, UNSW Australia

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) marks a significant change to the way disability support is funded and delivered in Australia. The NDIS emerges out of disability advocacy and the Productivity Commission’s Disability Care and Support (2011) Report. However, it also occurs at a time in which there has been International funding cuts to disability, as well as changing ideas around the role of governments and markets alongside international frameworks which place an emphasis on human rights, such as the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability (CPRD). There has been considerable public, sector, disability movement, and policy debate about these wide-ranging changes , with heightened and urgent attention being paid to the policy, services, and practical implications of the NDIS, as the rollout occurs.

Yet, as these debates reveal, the NDIS raises many fundamental issues for how we conceive of social futures – and how we can adequately, imaginatively, and concretely do justice to the profound issues that disability raises, and that new systems of disability support and care are enacting. These are issues being tackled from a range of locations, perspectives, approaches, and disciplines. This one day symposium aims to contribute to this emerging knowledge and conversations by offering a space for critical research, reflection, and discussion.

In particular, the symposium aims to invite, bring together, and foster critical sociological debate, discussion and research on the emerging paradigm shifts in disability support and the relationship to concepts of support, care, welfare, work, service and social participation. The aim is to explore in greater depth the interstice of sociological accounts of disability with contested sociological understandings of support and public policy. The overall aim being to inform public debate and help ensure the critical social futures of all people with disabilities.

This is a call for abstracts for 20 minute papers that take a critical approach to changes in contemporary disability funding, services and policy across a broad range of topics:

* disability support;

* disability and public policy;

* disability support and intersections with race, class, gender and support need;

* disability support and Indigenous rights; and

* disability support and human rights realisation;

* disability support systems, and intersections with welfare, and work;

* disability support and political participation;

* disability support and the normalisation of ability and disability;

* disability support, economy, and neo-liberal discourses

Although the symposium is convened by the Critical Disability Studies Group of The Australian Sociological Association (TASA), we welcome papers from the full range of scholarly disciplines, approaches, and researchers based across the full range of locations, organizations, and institutions undertaking critical, social work on disability care.

These abstracts will become the basis for 20 minute papers at the one day symposium. Abstracts due 1 May, to be submitted to Dr Louisa Smith: louisa.smith at unsw.edu.au<mailto:louisa.smith at unsw.edu.au>.  Notice of acceptance will be provided by 15 May 2015.

For those interested, there is a publication opportunity related to the Symposium. Selected papers from the conference will be published as part of an edited volume, to be published accessibly by a suitable, high quality publisher. Please indicate when submitting your abstract, if you would like your paper to be considered for the volume.

This jointly convened event is supported by The Australian Sociological Association, the University of Sydney and the Centre for Social Impact, UNSW Australia. There will be a $65.00 per head charge for catering.  TASA post grads, full time students, low income earners and concession card holders are free, however, registration is still required due to limited places.

For more information on Critical Disability Studies Group of TASA see https://www.tasa.org.au/thematic-groups/groups/critical-disability-studies/

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