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Alan Hill a.hill at griffith.edu.au
Fri Sep 19 07:45:04 ACST 2014

How Can we Think and Practice Dialogue Today?

Dialogue is the crucial form of communication. It makes us able to
communicate beyond differences and create common worlds. It puts the
individual as well as the community in the centre of attention.

Dialogue is now important more than ever. But what has became of dialogue
today? What influences most of the intimacy we are capable to create? What
if we are witnessing a new phase of communication? And what if we could
re-think how to approach dialogue today, with all it's difficulties and
potentials because we still think that dialogue is the crucial form of
communication and we still believe in its unmatched potential? How can we
than design dialogue that would work?

Read more about the festival’s outlines here: http://tinyurl.com/pddzgsp or
go directly to the category that interests you the most and check them out

Visual Communication practice: http://tinyurl.com/o6zg7ap ,

Critical Writing: http://tinyurl.com/m4lvo4w

and the participatory art/communication category 'Beyond...':

A special Award in each category will be given in collaboration with the
Faculty of Health Arts and Design, Swinburne University of Technology,
Melbourne: Memefest/ Swinburne *Award for Imaginative Critical

This Award will be part of our artist/designer-communicator/theorist in
residence program. We will fly one author of a chosen project in each
category (Visual communication practice, Beyond..., Critical writing) to
Melbourne, Australia.
You will be able to participate in an international symposium and a special
workshop for extradisciplinary investigation at the *Swinburne **Faculty of
Health Arts and Design.* You will be invited to collaborate with some of
the best hearts and minds in communication/design/art on projects that will
result in a public intervention in the city of Melbourne. More info about
our special Awards here:


Deadline for Submission of your works is September 20th 2014!
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