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CFP: Issue 26

Thinking in the Arts-Science Nexus

Transformations is calling for submissions for Issue 26: Thinking in the
Arts-Science Nexus

The arts and the sciences have a complex history of both conflict and
entanglement; while disciplinary fiefdoms and the strictures of grant
funding bodies have often sought their separation, the immensely fruitful
exchange currently happening in the space where art meets science suggests
other possibilities. The art-science nexus has been revitalised by new
thinking in neurobiology, biotechnology as well as quantum physics, sweeping
away mechanistic ideas of isolated subject-object encounters, and replacing
them with force fields, immanence, affect and becoming. New methodologies
and ways of knowing emerge as scientific objects and processes inform, and
are informed by, aesthetic and cultural realms. This issue of
Transformations seeks submissions that address this growing interest in the
art-science nexus and the new knowledges and forms that arise from this

Possible topics include:

* Critique and/or method in the arts and sciences,
* Life and art in the new biosciences,
* The appropriation of biosciences in the humanities,
* The virtual as a concept in the sciences and the arts,
* Particular case studies of creative work (artists, writers, poets, film
makers etc.) that reflect on or appropriate science,
* Creative practice as a mode of critical intervention in the biosciences,
* Media representations of developments in the biosciences,
* New methods and processes in art/science interaction,
* First-hand accounts of art/science collaboration,
* Aesthetics of biocybernetic design,
* Historical perspectives on the art-science nexus in philosophy and
critical thought, 
* Non-western perspectives on Western science discourse,
* Philosophy of science,
* Nature philosophy

Abstracts (200-400 words): due 31 October 2014, with a view to submit
articles by 27 February 2015.
Abstracts should be forwarded to: editor at transformationsjournal.org

For submission guidelines and to view Transformations online go to:

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