[csaa-forum] Seminar, Prof Paolo Bartoloni, National University of Ireland, Galway

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Meaningful Places and Meaningful Lives

Professor Paolo Bartoloni - National University of Ireland, Galway

Open seminar supported by the Australasian Centre for Italian Studies

When: September 12 (Friday), 12noon-1pm

Where: University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), Building 4, level 2, Room
34 (CB04.02.34), 745 Harris Street, Broadway, NSW, 2007

RSVP by September 8th to Malcolm Angelucci (Malcolm.angelucci at uts.edu.au)

Starting from a discussion of Sigmund Freud¹s definition of
happiness as the connection between human and world (Civilization and its
Discontents), this talk will present a reconsideration of the relation
between subject and object by mobilizing an interdisciplinary approach,
including philosophy, cultural studies, geography, sociology and literary
studies. The hypothesis is that places that are marked by a mutual relation
between individuals and things, and in which, therefore, the attention and
practices by individuals is directly related to, determined, and generated
the things and objects therein, are meaningful. As opposed to Speculative
Realism and Object-Oriented-Ontology, which argue for a recognition of the
singularity or suchness of objects outside of and beyond the representative
impulse, I claim that a new post-Kantian understanding of correlationism is
essential to make sense of new forms of expression and knowledge, such as
transcultural expression.

Paolo Bartoloni is Established Professor of Italian Studies
at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Previously he taught in
and Comparative Literature at the University of Sydney where he was
Director of the program in International and Comparative Literary Studies.
He has published extensively on continental theory and
philosophy, especially the works of Giorgio Agamben, Walter Benjamin,
Heidegger, Gianni Vattimo, and Mario Perniola, and their impact on the
reception of authors such as Blanchot, Calvino, Caproni, and Svevo. His
and articles investigate temporal and spatial thresholds, stressing the
inherent potentiality and interstitiality of modern art. He is currently
working on two book projects, the first on thingness and material culture
Italian Life and culture, and the second on the relation between
and world in Italo Svevo¹s novel Zeno¹s Conscience. Together with Dr
Francesco Ricatti (University of the Sunshine Coast) is also conducting
research on place-making and transcultural expression.
Bartoloni is the author of On the Cultures of Exile,
Translation and Writing (Purdue UP, 2008); Interstitial Writing:
Calvino, Caproni, Sereni and Svevo (Troubador Publishing, 2003); editor of
Diversity: Essays on Comparative Literature (La Trobe University, 1996),
co-editor of Intellectuals and Publics: Essays on Cultural Theory and
Practice (La Trobe University, 1997); and the thematic issue of the journal
CLCWebAmbiguity in Culture and Literature (Purdue University Press,
2010). For more information on and publications by Paolo Bartoloni see

Malcolm Angelucci, PhD
Senior Lecturer in Italian Studies and Cultural Studies
Postgraduate Coordinator - International Studies School
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