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Brady Robards brady.robards at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 11:37:29 CST 2014

Hi folks,

I'm delighted to announce a new book, that may be of interest to you -
Youth Cultures: The internet, belonging, and new cultural configurations* -
just published by Palgrave.


It's an edited collection of thirteen essays from around the world covering
topics such as growing up stories on Facebook, the phenomenon of dance
imitations on YouTube, the circulation of zines online, the resurgence of
roller derby on the social web, mediated drinking cultures, Israeli design
blogs, the circulation of Korean pop music, and more.

In some ways, this book follows on from a special issue of the journal
*Continuum* published in 2012 on the same topic (
http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/ccon20/26/3). TOC for the book is below.

Brady (co-editor, with Andy Bennett)


1. Youth Identities in a Digital Age: The Anchoring Role of Friends in
Young People's Approaches to Online Identity Expression; Katie Davis
2. Mediating Experiences of 'Growing Up' on Facebook's Timeline: Privacy,
Ephemerality and the Reflexive Project of Self; Brady Robards
3. Young People and Mediated Private Space; Siân Lincoln
4. Ending Up Online: Interrogating Mediated Youth Drinking Cultures; Ian
Goodwin, Antonia Lyons, Christine Griffin and Tim McCreanor


5. Rethinking 'Virtual' Youth: Young People and Life Writing; Kate Douglas
and Anna Poletti
6. 'The Designs Industry': Girls Play with Production and Power on Israeli
Blogs; Carmel Vaisman
7. Youth, Social Media and Transnational Cultural Distribution: The Case of
Online K-Pop Circulation; Sun Jung
8. Young People's Musical Engagement, and Technologies of Taste; Melissa
9. Understanding Everyday Uses of Music Technologies in the Digital Age;
Raphaël Nowak


10. Women, Sport and New Media Technologies: Derby Grrrls Online; Adele
Pavlidis and Simone Fullagar
11. Getting Bodied with Beyoncé on YouTube; Ann Werner
12. Activating Young People in the Production of Virtual Worlds; Liam
13. Flash Mobs and Zombie Shuffles: Play in the Augmented City; Susan Bird

Dr Brady Robards
School of Social Sciences,
University of Tasmania

t: @bradyjay <https://twitter.com/bradyjay>
w: bradyrobards.com <http://www.bradyrobards.com/>
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