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Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy

Australian Catholic University, Fitzroy, 4-6 December


The Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy and ACU’s School of
Philosophy are pleased to announce the 2014 ASCP annual conference, which
will be held on ACU’s Melbourne campus.

The Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy aims to provide a broad
intellectual forum for professional academics and postgraduates researching
topics in Contemporary European philosophy, and it is the premier reference
point for people working within the diverse fields of Continental/European
Philosophy in the Australasian region.

*Keynote addresses by:*

 - Lee Braver (University of South Florida)

 - Kevin Hart (University of Virginia, and Australian Catholic University)

 - Genevieve Lloyd (Emeritus, University of New South Wales)

 - Laszlo Tengelyi (Universität Wuppertal)

 - Andreas Vrahimis (University of Cyprus)

*Call for Papers*

We invite proposals for papers for the 2014 ASCP annual conference at ACU
in the broadly-defined field of Continental Philosophy. Proposals from
postgraduate students are very welcome.

All non-plenary papers will be allocated 45-minute sessions (25-30 minute
presentation, allowing 15-20 minutes for discussion).

Papers that are linked thematically (e.g., devoted to the work of a
particular thinker or a particular philosophical problem/issue) will be
scheduled within a conference stream.

Submissions are especially encouraged in the following potential streams:

- Continental Philosophy of Religion

- European Philosophy and the Legacy of the Great War (The
Analytic-Continental divide in historical perspective)

- Naturalism and the Transcendental

- Phenomenology, the Real, and Thinking the Unthinkable

- Philosophical Moods and their Metaphilosophical Significance

- The Metaphysics of the Event

The deadline for the submission of conference abstracts is Friday 5
September 2014, and confirmation of selection will be forwarded
approximately within 2 weeks of this date.

Abstracts should be 200 words in length, and submitted to
ascp2014 at acu.edu.au.

*Call for Panels*

We also invite proposals for thematic and book panels:

- Proposals for thematic panels should include: a panel title; a 200 word
outline of the theme to be addressed; two or three proposed speakers; and
preferably, a chair.

- Proposals for book panels are also welcome. Books must have been
published within the last two years. Proposals should include the author;
two or three commentators on the book; and preferably a chair.

To submit a proposal for a thematic or book panel, please email
ascp2014 at acu.edu.au. The deadline for the submission of panel proposals is
Friday 5 September 2014. (NB: even if your paper is part of a panel, you
still need to submit your paper proposal as above, indicating the panel
title in the relevant field.)

*Conference Website*

Please visit the conference website ( http://www.ascp.edu.au/ascp2014 ) for:

- Conference Registration: The registration portal is now open. (NB:
acceptance of a paper for the conference is conditional upon the payment of
registration fees in a timely manner prior to the conference.)

- Campus Maps and Orientation, and transport information

- Accommodation options close to ACU’s Melbourne campus

After the conference there will be a call for submissions for a special
ASCP conference issue of Parrhesia: A Journal of Critical Philosophy.

For further information, please email  ascp2014 at acu.edu.au


On behalf of the ASCP Conference Organising Committee:

Richard Colledge (Chair)

Fatih Erol Tuncer (Project Officer)

Chris Hackett

Jeff Hanson

Wojciech Kaftanski  (postgrad rep)

MSCP Convenor,
Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy.
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