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Media at Sydney presents

Media justice and food justice: a tale of two struggles

Professor Andrew Calabrese

(University of Colorado-Boulder)

What do the political economies of the global media and food industries have in common? Large-scale industrial food producers of the world depend heavily on media and telecommunication industries for maintaining their long chains of supply, production and distribution, and for promoting consumption of the “food products” they sell. And the media industries depend heavily on industrial food producers as vital sources of commercial revenue. Through lobbying and other forms of political influence, both industries shape, limit and control public knowledge about health, safety and risk factors associated with the food we eat.

This lecture will focus on US-based media and food industries in examining struggles over both what we eat and how we communicate about what we eat. Lessons from an earlier period in US history – the “Progressive Era” of the first decades of the twentieth century – will be revisited to demonstrate the persistence of a crucial debate that pits scientific and technological expertise, on the one hand, against local community knowledge and folkways, on the other. This debate is perfectly illustrated today in the inextricable and deeply problematic connections between the means of communication and the means of human sustenance. It is a debate with consequences that extend well beyond the United States.
Date: Friday 13th June, 2014
Time: 15:00-16:30
Location: S226 Seminar Room, Department of Media and Communications, University of Sydney, John Woolley Building (A20)<http://db.auth.usyd.edu.au/directories/map/building.stm?ref=d08h15> level 2, entry off Manning Road.
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Professor Andrew Calabrese joined the Department of Journalism & Mass Communication of the University of Colorado, Boulder, in 1992. He previously worked at Purdue University, where he was on the faculty of the Department of Communication. He was a Fulbright scholar at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia in 1998 and a research fellow at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, in 1999. His teaching and research center mainly on the relationship between communication media and citizenship with an emphasis on theoretical and practical issues of media and globalization. He edits a book series called ”Critical Media Studies” for the publisher Rowman & Littlefield and serves on editorial boards of several research journals. He is a board member of the European Institute for Communication and Culture.

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