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CFP: Patterns, Rhythms, Movements: East Asian Perspectives in Cultural Geography

Situations: Cultural Studies in the Asian Context

We invite submissions of full-length research papers, shorter analytical essays, reflective photo-essays, ethnographic and auto-ethnographic reports or reviews on the widely conceived theme of “Patterns, Rhythms, Movements: East Asian Perspectives in Cultural Geography” for the Winter 2015 issue of Situations, a cultural studies journal based at Yonsei university (Seoul, Republic of Korea). 

The journal is available in print and digitally, and sent free of charge to selected libraries and relevant departments and research centers across Asia.

The volume will seek to accommodate multi-faceted analytical and political ramifications of the spatial turn in cultural studies and related disciplines, in their Asian localization(s). 

We hope to receive contributions tackling problems across regions, cultures, and across senses, ranging from haptic to visual and from olfactory to gustative and sonic dimensions of spatial formations and dispositifs:

•       Spatial analyses of historical and contemporary Asian cultural sites and landscapes, settlements and habitats, either tangible or digital.

•       Theoretically-informed work in Asian historical or contemporary philosophical topology and spatial ideation (examples can range from ancient cosmology, geomancy and traditional architectural theory to the cultural analysis of contemporary built environments or digital architecture.)

•       The politics of space and place (environmentalism, “urban reclamation” movements and “occupy” movements and their potential and reality in the wider Asian intellectual context.)

•       Post-phenomenological, vitalist and non-representational work concerning problems of movements and standing (stasis), patterns of velocity and slowness, virtuality and materiality.

•       Ethnographic, auto-ethnographic or descriptive work on gendered, generational, religious or class-related spaces and places; descriptions of Panoptic and Synoptic regimes and “societies of control” in the Asian Context.

•       Accounts of the liminal spaces and places, heterotopias, heterochronies and non-places.

Please e-mail your abstracts, full texts or other suitable material to the special issue editor Aljosa Puzar (Underwood International College, Yonsei University, aljosa.puzar at gmail.com) by August 31 2014.


Aljosa Puzar, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies
Underwood International College, Yonsei University
Yonsei International Campus, Veritas Hall B, r. 406
aljosa.puzar at gmail.com

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