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Call for Papers

*MIA** no. 154 (February 2015)*

*Making Media Participatory*

*Theme Editors:** Christina Spurgeon and Maura Edmond*

User-generated content, social media, crowd-sourcing, peer-to-peer
collaboration, online communities and networked distribution have become a
daily reality. Many-to-many digital technologies radically alter the
top-down dissemination of mainstream media, the one-to-many flow of
broadcast media and even the two-way participatory production models of
community media. They have transformed how audiences expect to engage with
media across the spectrum of commercial, public, community and alternative
media. But, despite these changes, there are still major obstacles to
population-wide inclusion in participatory media cultures.

In 2002, *MIA* published a special *Citizen's Media* issue (no. 103). It
profiled new academic work that was reinvigorating research into
alternative and community-interest media. More than 10 years on and in the
wake of major industrial and technological changes, this issue of
*MIA*will revisit the status of community-interest media, focusing on
the impact
of participatory digital media. It will showcase contemporary research into
the role, responsibilities and relevance of community-interest media in an
era of user-led innovation, paying particular attention to the facilitation
of participatory media culture beyond a core of educated, urban,
technologically savvy media users. The issue welcomes academic papers as
well as industry commentary and analysis. It invites consideration of
participatory media cultures across the full range of community-interest
sectors, including community broadcasting, alternative media, community
arts, cultural development, cultural heritage, social justice and
documentary media.

Submissions may include discussions of:

* good, bad and meaningful models of media participation, now and in the
* new platforms and models for participatory media production
* the future of citizens' media and ICT 4 change
* the future of community arts and community media
* the future of media resource centres
* storytelling, including transmedia storytelling, in participatory culture
* co-producing documentaries with community
* building community engagement in cultural heritage and arts organisations
* cross-sectoral convergence and collaboration
* policy implications

Abstracts (250 words) and author details are due 15 April 2014,

Final articles are due 15 July 2014.

Scholarly articles should be a maximum of 5000 words (including
references). Industry
commentary and analysis should be a maximum of 2000 words.

Send abstracts and queries to the theme editors at:

cspurgeon at qut.edu.au or maura.edmond at gmail.com



Dr Maura Edmond

Research Fellow

School of Media, Film and Journalism

Monash University

Caulfield East 3145 Victoria, Australia

t: +61 3 990 34119

e: maura.edmond at monash.edu
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