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Olivia Khoo olivia.khoo at monash.edu
Wed Mar 26 11:46:15 CST 2014

*Call for papers *


*/Asian Cultural and Media Studies Now/*

*International Conference*


*Asian Cultural & Media Studies Research Cluster, Monash Asia Institute*


*6-7 Nov 2014*


The Asian Cultural & Media Studies Research Cluster of the Monash Asia 
Institute, Monash University will host an international conference, 
'Asian Cultural and Media Studies Now' at Monash University, Caulfield 
campus in Melbourne on 6 and 7 November 2014.

The conference aims to critically revisit some of the key issues in the 
study of Asian culture, media and communications, which have been 
developed rapidly over the last twenty years, to discuss what kinds of 
new approaches and scholarly frameworks are required in the current 
socio-historical context. The conference will focus on four key areas of 
investigation, whose historical significance and transgressive potential 
requires reassessment in light of the advancement of market-driven 
processes of globalization and intensifying socio-economic disparity:

1)Alternative modernities and de-Westernization

2)Trans-Asian connections, dialogue and unevenness

3)Cultural convergence, citizenship and socio-cultural diversity

4)Mobility, imagined communities and cosmopolitanism

We are inviting proposals for paper presentations on these issues, 
although proposals that are in other ways relevant to the topic of Asian 
Cultural and Media Studies Now will also be considered.

The conference format will be discussion-oriented and all speakers will 
give a concise talk of the main points for 10-15 minutes. Speakers are 
not expected to present complete papers but to raise key theoretical 
questions with related empirical examination where relevant.

Please send your paper proposals (less than 300 words) with your 
affiliation details and e-mail address no later than _12 May_ to: 
MAI-Enquiries at monash.edu <mailto:MAI-Enquiries at monash.edu>__

Please clearly put "Paper proposal for Asian Cultural and Media Studies 
Now" in the subject line.Acceptance of proposals will be notified in 

Please kindly be advised that we will not be able to offer financial 
support for participants' travel costs. There will be no registration 
fees for the conference.

We look very much forward to receiving your proposals!

Best regards,

Koichi Iwabuchi, Olivia Khoo & Dan Black

(Conveners, Monash University, Australia)

Dr Olivia Khoo
Senior Lecturer, Film and Screen Studies
School of Media, Film and Journalism
Monash University
Caulfield East, Vic, Australia 3145
Ph: +61-3-99052128
Email: olivia.khoo at monash.edu

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