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*Young People and Mediated Sexual Communication*

*DATE:   Friday, 29 November, 2013*

*VENUE:   HB36 Lecture Theatre,*

*Monash University, Caufield Campus*

*TIME: 9am-3pm*

*RSVP by Nov 4th 2013 by registering at: *


In Australia and overseas, concern about ‘sexting’ among young people has
been widespread, and discussions have tended to focus on the ‘risks’ and
issues new technologies are seen to produce. This symposium presents the
findings from six studies by researchers in Australia and England working
across the fields of law, criminology, media, gender, and education. These
researchers have adopted a variety of methods to try to better understand
and unpack the issues around ‘sexting’. The symposium is intended to
provide space for questions and discussion between researchers and
stakeholders in this area, and thus to help inform wider public debates and
responses to the issues around young people and ‘sexting’ in Australia.

*Papers to be presented:*

* *

·         *Tits and six packs: Exploring the discursive-affective economy
of teen’s ‘sexting’ image exchange *(presented by Professor Jessica

Authors and affiliation: Professor Jessica Ringrose (University of
London), Professor
Rosalind Gill (King’s College London), Professor Sonia Livingstone (London
School of Economics), Dr Laura Harvey (Brunel University), Professor Andy
Phippen (University of Plymouth)


·         *“I think everybody has a very different perspective over what’s
decent”: young people’s responses to adult definitions of sexting.*

Authors and affiliation: Dr Kath Albury (University of New South Wales), Dr
Kate Crawford (University of New South Wales), Mr Paul Byron (University of
New South Wales)

·         *Sexting and young people: Perceptions, practices, policy and law*

Authors and affiliation: Associate Professor Murray Lee (University of
Sydney), Associate Professor Thomas Crofts (University of Sydney), Dr Alyce
McGovern (University of New South Wales), Dr Sanja Milivojevic (University
of New South Wales), Dr Michael Salter (University of Western Sydney).

·         *It’s (not) all about ‘youth’: Technology mediated sexual
violence and harassment of adult women***

Authors and affiliation: Dr Anastasia Powell (RMIT University), Dr Nicola
Henry (La Trobe University)

·         *Sexting and young people: Education not the only answer!   *

Authors and affiliation: Ms Shelley Walker (University of Melbourne),
Associate Professor Lena Sanci (University of Melbourne), Associate
Professor Meredith Temple-Smith (University of Melbourne)

·         *Young people’s beliefs about gender and ethical use of
communication technologies *

Authors and affiliation: Dr Amy Dobson (Monash University), Dr Danielle
Tyson (Monash University), Mr Adrian Farrugia (Curtain University), Dr Mary
Lou Rassmussen (Monash University)

* *

*For inquiries, please contact: Adrian Farrugia, **
adrian.farrugia at monash.edu* <adrian.farrugia at monash.edu>**

*This symposium is proudly hosted by The School of Political and Social
Inquiry, the Faculty of Arts, and the Faculty of Education, Monash


Dr Amy Shields Dobson
Lecturer, Centre for Women's Studies and Gender Research
School of Political and Social Inquiry,
Monash University, Vic 3800

Room E470, 4th Floor
Building 11 (Menzies), Clayton Campus
Tel: +61 9902-4069
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