[csaa-forum] Special double issue of Social Identities (19: 3-4): Political Documentary Cinema in Latin America

Antonio Traverso A.Traverso at curtin.edu.au
Fri Aug 23 00:52:30 CST 2013

Special double issue of Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture (19: 3-4)

Political Documentary Cinema in Latin America: Concepts, Histories, Experiences

Edited by Antonio Traverso (Curtin University) and Kristi Wilson (Soka University of America)


The essays collected in this double issue of Social Identities show the important role that political documentary cinema has played in the Latin American region since the 1950s. Political documentary cinema in Latin America has a long history of tracing social injustice and suffering, depicting political unrest, intervening in periods of crisis and upheaval, and reflecting upon questions regarding such pressing subjects as ideology, cultural identity, genocide and traumatic memory. This collection bears witness to the region’s film culture’s multiplicity, discussing documentaries with topics as diverse as national political contingency, such as workers’ strikes, riots, and military coups against elected governments; crime, poverty, homelessness, prostitution, children’s work, and violence against women; urban development, progress, (under)development, capitalism, and neoliberalism; exile, diaspora and border cultures; trauma and (post)memory. The collected essays focus on documentaries made in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, and Venezuela, as well as on the work of US Latino and diasporic Latin American political documentarians. The contributors to the anthology reflect the cultural and linguistic diversity of current Latin American film scholarship, with some writing in Spanish and Portuguese from Argentina and Brazil (with their original works especially translated), and others writing in English from Australia, Europe, and the USA.
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