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*Media at Sydney presents:*

*Victoria Parr*

Managing Director, Sydney – Latitude Insights

*On behalf of the Australian Association of Social Marketing*

* *

*‘Reviving the art of listening: Can we use online methods for true
community consultation?’***

* *

When online qualitative research is viewed as a replacement for the well
known face-to-face research methodologies that have comprised our research
toolkit for the past decade, one of the key criticisms leveraged is of
representativeness of our research sample. This seminar asks whether we
should be looking at online qualitative research in a different manner.
Instead of the question being one of representativeness, this seminar
suggests that online qualitative methods could instead provide us with a
new form of representation in government decision-making; that of a
democratically elected government making decisions based on true
consultation with its citizenry. It suggests that online qualitative
research could provide us with the opportunity for a resurgence of the true
consultative methodologies - the deliberative pollings, the citizens’
juries - that have slipped by the wayside. And, in doing so, can these new
methods help us to address the perceived democratic deficit in our current
system of government?

 *As a social and government research specialist for over thirteen years,
Victoria Parr has extensive experience and specialises in strategic
communications and segmentation studies and has conducted many large scale
campaigns for federal and state government agencies. As a qualitative
specialist, Victoria identifies online qualitative research is now an
essential methodological tool for the research practitioner to have at
their disposal along with the tried and tested face-to-face methodologies.
Victoria’s presentation will look at how the newer research methodologies,
which have yet to be embraced by government, should be viewed as an
opportunity to expand the researcher's toolkit rather than be seen as
replacement for existing methods.   Victoria holds a Qualified Practicising
Market Researcher accreditation and has a B Soc Sci from Macquarie


*Date:* 22nd August 2013

*Time: *5:30-7pm

*Location:* Woolley Common Room, Level 4,* **John Woolley Building

*Media at Sydney is presented by the Department of Media and Communications,
University of Sydney *

All seminars will be held on the University of Sydney Camperdown campus

For more information contact Dr Fiona Martin

T: 0428391122 or 02 90365098

E: fiona.martin at sydney.edu.au

M: 0428 391 122

RSVPs to Madeleine King e: mkin5545 at uni.sydney.edu.au

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